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Sim IJskes sim at
Mon Jan 24 12:12:23 UTC 2011


My main activity here would be lurking, but i certainly like to make a 
contribution in the future. I've programmed in ASM on several platforms, 
C, C++, and nowadays do all of the work in Java.

Most java implementations suffer from non-deterministic timing issues, 
so i wonder, would there be any application for java as a platform in 
the (osmocom) radio protocols?

I've build a hearing loss simulator in java, which is a streaming audio 
pipeline, so java is not completely useless in applications with strict 
timing relations. I believe the latency couldn't exceed 50mS which is 
huge in TDM radio protocols, but in the upper layers with a lot of 
complex data shuffling it might be usefull? Any ideas?

Gr. Sim
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