educational samples and theoreticaly ways to get them

Marius Ciepluch mc at
Mon Apr 25 13:32:16 UTC 2011


My name is Marius and yesterday, though I was in a hurry to catch my train
back to HL, I was in Harald's ETSI Tetra presentation. It was great; and I
do have a USRP2, portable power supply, a sailing license (there're these
big coast-guard towers here). Any implications are theoretically of course
at this point.

Just a small question: can one expect legal trouble if... accidently
though... some Tetra signals found their way into a GR cfile onto some web
server and would be shared (here)? Afaik it's not excactly ISM band.

And to the second question: what was the name of the recommendable book,
that was not marketing foo? I'd like to give the cryptanalysis a try, but
before I can say that I have to look at the standards and algorithms.

Did anyone already review that? I know that Stephen Glass of the OP25
project did some research on APCO 25. - Which isn't ETSI.


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