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Wed Jan 25 18:45:55 CET 2012

Hi Martin,

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 06:10:13PM +0200, Martin Paljak wrote:

> > 90 00 is often the last two bytes of a response and 00 0a is a
> > common begin to a new APDU (00 0a often indicates a "select"
> > instruction.)
> The problem and solution is actually pretty simple in my case.
> A patch is attached.

thanks a lot for your patience and time to debug this.  Your fix seems
correct and I've applied it to simtrace.git.

> Next task: fix some "malformed packets" in Wireshark, which seem to be
> unhandled opcodes for sim toolkit (?).

yes, that may very well be the case.  Feel free to share your pcap files
(or only those messages that don't parse).


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