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Thu Jan 12 04:58:02 CET 2012

If you have Ki of some real SIM I believe you could get some programmable
SIM like those which were on cccamp 2011 and make those files there.

i just think it might be less time consuming than implementing all the
commands phone may be using (not sure what's implemented in softsim tho,
never used it).


On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 1:42 PM, Dominique Parolin <D.Parolin at>wrote:

> Hi,
> as I could not find any udpates since July 2011 about MitM capable
> firmware here, or on the Wiki page I wanted to check if there is currently
> active development of a MitM firmware ?
> I would like to use it to manipulate fields from a physical SIM / UICC in
> real-time, e.g. non user editable fields like EF OPLMNwAcT.
> As a next step I would like to develop a tool that simulates a UICC with
> several applications on it, so that only the authentication is being made
> by the real UICC / SIM and utilize the simtrace HW as the physical
> interface.
> However the key to this is a proper firmware to interact with the ME <->
> UICC communication in real time.
> I have written some classes and decoder for specific fields in Python
> (using Smartcard and a PCSC compatible reader) that can read and write,
> authenticate etc. however I lack the ability to write the firmware on my
> own.
> Regards,
> Dominique
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