Quectel SC20 / Yocto Linux

Rogan Dawes rogan at dawes.za.net
Mon Jan 25 12:43:54 UTC 2021

Yeah, my thinking is that there is a Linux daemon that implements the QMI
interface over USB, as well as the USB-Serial interface.

Figure out where that is, then check to see how it is implemented - perhaps
just a relay to a UART on the DSP, or a message box, or whatever.

Then figure out how to replicate that in a way that you can run e.g.
NetworkManager locally.


On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 at 14:25, Harald Welte <laforge at osmocom.org> wrote:

> Hi Cyril,
> good to hear from you and your experience.
> I myself unfortunately have never worked on the (much more complex) "smart"
> Quectel modems (SCxx), just on the regular ECxx series.
> It's indeed quite odd that they provide a "plain Linux" yocto based SDK
> but then have no information whatsoever on how to talk to the modem ;)
> Maybe the people behind
> https://github.com/bacnh85/Docker_Quectel_SC20_Linux
> have an idea?
> I would normally expect that there is either some way to access AT
> commands,
> or to access QMI.  Once you reach either of the two, you can then use
> ofono,
> modemmanager or the like.
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