Quectel SC20 / Yocto Linux

Rogan Dawes rogan at dawes.za.net
Fri Jan 22 11:31:38 UTC 2021

Hi Cyril,

I am also interested in building my own applications into a self-contained
unit, so would be keen to collaborate with you on this. My target is a
D-Link DWM222-A2 LTE dongle. Is your module based on the same MDM9625 core,
or something else?



On Fri, 22 Jan 2021 at 12:54, Cyril HAENEL <chaenel at free.fr> wrote:

> Hello, my name is Cyril HAENEL, and I am new on this mailing list :)
> I subscribed to this list because I was looking for informations on
> Quectel LTE modem, and yesterday I found this fantastic video :
> https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8151-dissecting_modern_3g_4g_cellular_modems#t=690
> I actually work on the Quectel LTE SC20 Smart module, which is proposed
> with Android, but also Linux without all Android layers.
> We want to use the Linux version and we use the official Quectel Linux
> SDK, based on Yocto.
> We can successfully build and flash the image in the module, no problem
> from this side.
> But the goal of this module is not to be used just as an LTE modem for an
> external host, it's a standalone module and we embed our IoT application
> inside.
> The problem we are facing is that we don't know how to start a broadband
> connection !! There is absolutely no Quectel documentation about that, and
> their support is really bad, they don't help us at all...
> So we done some reverse engineering to understand how the internal Modem
> is connected to main processor, how to send him AT command, how to start
> data connection, etc...
> We finally found and understood all methods they use (Shared Memory
> Devices, qmuxd, qmi proxy, QMI protocol, etc.....).
> But we are stuck to the same point, we don't find any easy way with
> scripts or some utilities with config file (to set the APN for example) to
> start a broadband connection :(
> We flashed an Android version in the SC20 to see how it works, and they
> have Android applications which connect to netmgrd, qmuxd, etc....
> But we don't have these tools under Yocto Linux, so we wondering how we
> can easily set our broadband connection.
> Any help or comment will be great :)
> Best regards,
> Cyril
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