qmiserial2qmuxd: proxying serial QMI requests to qmuxd

Joey Hewitt joey at joeyhewitt.com
Thu Aug 31 05:28:34 UTC 2017


Some of you might like to know about a project I released:

It's a small Linux/Android program to allow projects such as libqmi to 
work with qmuxd. It emulates the serial cdc-wdm interface and passes QMI 
messages back and forth between qmuxd and a client. There's a README on 
Github with more information.

It hasn't been tested very thoroughly yet (I've done several QMI 
requests on my Samsung GS4 Mini phone), so I'd welcome your feedback, 
contributions, and questions.

For me it's a stepping stone in creating a free Android RIL (early-stage 
code at
), but hopefully some others can get good use out of it too!


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