gr-osmosdr / no tagged versions since 2014

A. Maitland Bottoms bottoms at
Sun Jun 3 19:54:23 UTC 2018

On Sun, 3 Jun 2018 20:17:31 +0200
Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:

> Hi!
> today I discovered that the gr-osmosdr package in debian unstable
> contains a whooping list of 96 patches.  This is due to the fact that
> since November 2014 there hasn't been any tagged versions in the
> repository.

But I do not apply 0001-update-version-to-0.1.5git.patch
so that the version stayed at 0.1.4.

I added Alex Csete's patch Add-initial-support-for-Airspy-HF
from his fork of gr-osmosdr for gqrx.

And a trivial doxygen-reproducible patch that should make the
reproducible-build folk happy.

Please consider incorporating those before your next release tag.

> I'd like to suggest to tag releases a bit more often.

Let me second that!
Release Early, Release Often!

Bonus points for cryptographic signing or released source, either by
using gpg with git to sign tags, or creating detached signatures of
release source tarballs.

> @horizon: What about jumping to 1.0.0 right away?
> Regards,
> 	Harald

0.1.5 would still work fine.
Due to steady C++ compiler changes and my aggressive bumping of
gnuradio's soname and soversion for each gnuradio release, I have not
been so worried about checking API and ABI changes with gr-osmosdr.
Package dependencies make upgrades work smoothly.

Some more details about Debian packages that may interest this list:
As described in debian/copyright, in lieu of gr-osmosdr release
tarballs, I use
git archive --format=tar --prefix=gr-osmosdr-0.1.4/  v0.1.4 \
 | xz > ../gr-osmosdr_0.1.4.orig.tar.xz
to create the basis of the Debian source package.

Then, to get more of your recent good work out of your git tree and
into Debian packages, I use
git format-patch v0.1.4
to generate a series that gets applied to the source tarball via Debian
quilt patch format source packaging tools.

But yes, that begins to get annoying with so many commits between tags.

Thanks for all your good work on making gr-osmosdr so useable and

Your humble Debian package maintainer,

If you contribute to osmocom, some of my remarks I made at the last
gnuradio conference, grcon17, apply to you too:

Thanks again for all the good bits.

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