Moderation queue cleanup - 37 messages freed

Patrick Strasser patrick at
Wed May 11 19:11:04 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

noticed a bunch of messages rushing in from this list?

I just clean up the moderation queue of osmocom-sdr at,
deleting some 200 spam messages. Some had really strange proposals or

Left over where 37 messages which where not passed through in the last
12 months or so. Some of them where standalone messages or requests,
some where parts of ongoing discussions. All of them where sent from
people not subscribed at the list, which is unmoderated only for members.

Please take your time and review any new messages that you have not yet
seen. Maybe it is still interesting what was written in the mails, or
the sender would still be happy to get an answer. Please include the
sender CC in your message, they are not subscribed.

Best regards,


ps: I can check for held messages probably only once per day, so
messages could be held for moderation quite long. If someone wants to
help moderate the list this could be improved.
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