how/where to merge code

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at
Sat Jul 18 14:26:16 UTC 2015

Hi Hayati,

I'm pretty sure is the upstream; to ask steve-m to merge 
your changes into his repository, just log on to github, go to, and you should see something like
"This branch is 2 commits ahead of steve-m:master    Pull Request"
right at the top, just under the header where you can select your branch.

The Impressum of said to send in patches via this mailing 
list, so that's what I did once, and that worked too :), so assuming 
steve-m's repo is called "steve-m" in your git ("git remote -v" will 
tell), and the modified master branch being currently checked out

git format-patch steve-m/master

will generate a patch file for each commit between your master's HEAD 
and steve-m/master.


On 18.07.2015 16:06, Hayati Ayguen wrote:
> Hi,
> just wanted to ask, what to do, so that my changes on
>  get  merged into
>  ?
> Just now, in this moment, i realize, that there's alos
> git:// referenced at
> Ok, which is the real origin for rtl-sdr?
> What is needed to get the changes there?
> Besides the changes on rtl_fm i've developed a small tool, i called
> "stdin2wav". It's used by piping rtl_fm's output into stdin2wav, which
> then saves the output into wave files using libsndfile.
> Besides saving, it can be combined with the squelch function of rtl_fm.
> stdin2wav closes the wave file when no more data comes from stdin .. and
> re-opens a new wave file when new data arrives, cause the squelch opened ..
> Can/should this small tool also merged to rtl-sdr? Someone has a better
> place?
> By the way: someone has a better name?
> kind regards,
> Hayati

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