USRP overrun with B210

altaf sk altaf329 at
Wed Jan 14 11:29:38 UTC 2015


I am working with the LTE_FDD_DL_SCAN application which is running with a
USRP B210 connected via USB3.

The application works with flowgraph and connected to USRP source through

Running with a
Sampling rate: 15.36MS/s
Master clock rate: 15.36MS/s
using gnuradio 3.7.3 and uhd 3.7.1

causes the overrun 'o' printed on stdout every 3-4 seconds. This problem is
not seen when running over sampling rates less than 8MS/s.

The signal processing function on the host has heavy computing and I do not
want to change the decimation factor.

I tried running the application with high priority but no success.

Is it possible to solve with recv_buff_size parameter.? Does gr-osmosdr
have any function (implemented) that can increase the buffer size.

Can you suggest other ways to boost the speed and control overruns.

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