A rtl-sdr driver fork for #Sdr-Sharp was created with software decimation

rtlsdrfan at airmail.cc rtlsdrfan at airmail.cc
Wed Feb 4 22:13:50 UTC 2015

It seems a Russian developer created a fork of rtl-sdr that has software 
decimation. "The decimation feature allows you to sacrifice some 
bandwidth for increased ADC bit resolution."
This may be a reimplementation of the sdr-sharp version of decimation 
according to this story: 

The driver also features manual settings for the LNA/Mixer and VGA gain 
stages and is based on Oliver Jowet’s modified driver.

The source code is here: 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/sdrr820tmanualgainsettings/files/  if 
anybody wants to see if there are any notable changes worthy of making a 
patch or pull for as it may contain other fixes or features.

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