how to get a certain frequency spectrum using rtl_power

Jiao Xianjun putaoshu at
Sun Jan 26 10:25:54 UTC 2014

If you are familiar with matlab, maybe you can try my matlab scanner.

It is easy to change frequency range, RBW, etc, and get spectrum picture.

Please google:
" rtl sdr matlab scanner"

Good luck!

393775602 <393775602 at> wrote:

>   i am doing a project to get a certain fequencyspectrum  . And thanks to the wonderful tool rtl_power, i can get some dbm data over a very wide area of the frequency specturm.
> and i read the source code in order to change it to get a certain frequency specturm.Sadly, i know little about digital signal processiong and getting a hard time solving it.
> does anyone know how to get a certain fequencyspectrum using rtl_power or some other tool.
>   sincerely
>   Chen Zujie
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