rtl_hpsdr an RTL to HPSDR software translation server

Richard Koch n1gp at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 15 23:15:42 UTC 2014

I am releasing to the public via GPL an RTL to HPSDR software
translation server.

Hosted on https://github.com/n1gp/rtl_hpsdr

Screenshots listed and end.


It currently builds and runs on Linux. It identifies and uses up to
seven (theoretically eight) USB RTL2832U-based DVB-T dongles. The
dongles can be set up with an up converter or use RTL direct-mode
for HF receive. Or direct input to provide it's native > HF receive

The program can be passed in a variety of command line options.
One of which is a frequency offset not only for up converter use
but also to allow a full range of frequency options to HPSDR programs
that are coded to only allow the real HPSDR radio's (i.e. Hermes)
frequency range which is from 10KHz to 55MHz.

The main purpose of this program is to provide a mechanism that
allows RTL Dongle owners the ability to use them on HPSDR specific
software programs.

One such program, cuSDR64 has the ability to control and display
up to 7 rcvr slices simultaneously. With rtl_hpsdr, if your host
has the horsepower, you can run 7 RTL Dongles to emulate the HPSDR
rcvr. cuSDR64 also can be built and run on Linux.

Since the real HPSDR (i.e. Hermes) rcvr can do up to eight rcvr
slices, there is a concept of 'COPY' rcvrs in this server. This
would allow one to use HPSDR programs that expected more rcvrs
than were attached. Currently if a program request more rcvrs
than are actually attached the rtl_hpsdr server will make copies
of the last 'real' rcvr. This alows one to only have one RTL dongle
attached and run PowerSDR mRX which may expect up to four rcvr

Refer to: http://openhpsdr.org/softwareinfo.php  for a list of
HPSDR supported applications.

I have tested this only on cuSDR64, cuSDR32, and PowerSDR mRX.

I was successful running 7 RTL dongles simultaneously on a
Quad core ARM Cortex A9 based mini-pc, model EKB311
running a version of Picuntu, http://ubuntu.g8.net/
This was using R820T based dongles on a USB 2.0 hub. I did
have to replace the USB hub power supply with one that
provided 5V @ 2A.

My 7 reveiver dongle setup:

Display of using 5 RTL dongle rcvrs with cuSDR64

This PCIE card provides 4 RTL Dongles (DigitalNow Quad DVB-T)

Display of using 2 RTL dongle rcvrs with PowerSDR mRX
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