How to get IQ samples from multiple rtl-sdr dongles in asynchronized manner?

Leif Asbrink leif at
Thu Jan 2 18:23:26 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2 Jan 2014 20:09:56 +0800
Jiao Xianjun <putaoshu at> wrote:

> Because we always want the rtl-sdr work in the band we are interested, but
> unfortunatelly in that band there maybe no any pre-known reference signal
> for us to do synchronization. So a possible solution maybe make a beacon,
> which can generate ultra-narrow-band or ultra-low-power signal in the
> target band to help us do the on-line calibration. Any better ideas to
> avoid this dedicate beacon?
To add a beacon is a very good idea. It can be placed near the band
edge where S/N is not so good due to aliasing so it would not disturb
signals of interest. By having very good frequency accuracy on the
beacon one can synchronize all the dongles to get very high stability
and accuracy:-)

 - leif -

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