new TV Tuner Chip, the Si2177

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at
Tue Sep 24 09:01:56 UTC 2013

> The signal processing of the channelizer
> runs on my graphics card (nvidia GTX 660TI with 1344 GPU cores).
> I guess that the noise removal for the raindrops can also be done
> on the graphics card, even with 200 MHz.

This is something I am *very* interested in.  How do you do the
processing on the GPU?  Do you use OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA, etc?  Did you
write the code yourself or are you using an existing GPGPU library?

What sort of performance do you get?

> Why don't you put the source code into a Subversion repository at
> SourceForge ? Storing the source code there costs nothing and
> simplifies access.

Or you could use GitHub - having used SourceForge and GitHub, GitHub
is a lot easier to set up, providing you are already familiar with Git
of course!


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