new TV Tuner Chip, the Si2177

Scott Cutler scott at
Sun Sep 22 20:59:47 UTC 2013

There is also the bladeRF hardware, which is available and in stock.  I 
have a unit and it is a very nice piece of kit.  It achieves 40 MS/s @ 
12 bit over USB 3.0.  It uses a Cypress FX3, so even on USB 2 it should 
be able to saturate the bus.  Unfortunately, the price went way up after 
their Kickstarter ended.  Also, the SW is still in development and not 
polished yet.


On 9/22/2013 1:34 PM, Adam Nielsen wrote:
>> Very interesting. Is there somewhere one can buy the hackrf hardware?
> Probably not until sometime after Jan/Feb 2014 when all the units
> ordered through the Kickstarter campaign have hopefully shipped.
> Cheers,
> Adam.

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