new TV Tuner Chip, the Si2177

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OK, for those who do not grasp the principle of On-chip Demodulation, SILICON LABS is manufacturing a spectrum of advanced Tuners, one of which may suit the mindset of those who buck the idea of a Demodulator on chip. There is one that demodulates Analog TV alone, one that demodulates Digital TV alone, and one that does both. Ask yourself this question... Why is there an A/D converter chip on the current Tuner Dongles? Would it not be better to convert the unadulterated demodulated Digital stream directly into a 192k/24bit audio card (or just 48k/16bit)? This new capability tells my Engineering mind that the noise floor would go way down, which is the main deficiency with the current cheap TV Tuner Dongles, keeping them from being used for low level narrowband reception.

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I just received a Product Announcement from SILICON LABS. There new TV Tuner Chip, the Si2177, appears to be able to demodulate Analog TV directly on the chip without software. If I am not mistaken, this function is a new feature in TV Tuner Chips, which may provide a much better SDR than current TV Tuner Chip Dongles, especially when it comes to noise performance. It also eliminates almost all external components. RF Input Frequency Range - 42 to 870 MHz

Si2177 5th Generation Silicon TV Tuner ICs

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