new TV Tuner Chip, the Si2177

Sylvain AZARIAN sylvain.azarian at
Thu Sep 19 17:35:25 UTC 2013

It seems the chip does not output the raw I and Q values... It means there
is nothing to do with it except watching tv, exactly the converse of
existing tuners ;-)


2013/9/19 Jay Salsburg <jsalsburg at>

> I just received a Product Announcement from SILICON LABS. There new TV
> Tuner Chip, the Si2177, appears to be able to demodulate Analog TV directly
> on the chip without software. If I am not mistaken, this function is a new
> feature in TV Tuner Chips, which may provide a much better SDR than current
> TV Tuner Chip Dongles, especially when it comes to noise performance. It
> also eliminates almost all external components. RF Input Frequency Range -
> 42 to 870 MHz
> Si2177 5th Generation Silicon TV Tuner ICs
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