rtl_fm and multimon-ng issues

Olof Tangrot olof.tangrot at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 16:43:32 UTC 2013

I am not sure this is the right list for bug reports for multimon-ng. There
is a tracker on github where it is possible submit issues though.
Hi all,

I've been using rtl_fm piped into multimon-ng for a while now which
has been working pretty well for decoding POCSAG, I use this command
rtl_fm -f 153.350M -r 22050 - | ./multimon-ng -t raw -a POCSAG512 -a
POCSAG1200 -a POCSAG2400 -f alpha -D pocsag.db -

I updated rtl_sdr today and now all I get is junk decodes
POCSAG2400-: Address: 1318769  Function: 255
POCSAG2400-: Alpha: KA^MA
POCSAG1200-: Address: 1700218  Function: 255
POCSAG1200-: Alpha: )"<DLE>'f
POCSAG1200-: Address:  143961  Function: 255

I rolled back to an earlier version using git checkout commit and it
appears the following commit broke it:

Commit 8c3a99c8f7a88d7d2a05845d4b20cfcdacac4054 works fine, whereas
the commit after causes multimon_ng to spit out garbage :-(
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