rtl-sdr on Nokia n900 phones

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 13 17:43:21 UTC 2013

Yes, Alex: I have no experience with the Beaglebone but I do have a
Beagleboard. The Beaglebone has a GPU but runs the DSP Code in emulation,
whereas the Beagleboard has a Blizzard of Hardware options including a DSP
and 1080P GPU. What someone (like me) should do is create a daughterboard
for the Beagleboard, connecting a Tuner chip's I2C to one of the 3 I2C
controllers on the Beagleboard. Using an inexpensive 192 khz/24 bit (or
better) Audio Interface, the Beagleboard could make quite an intelligent
Radio/Spectrum Analyser/Oscilloscope, with a touch screen and
network/wireless connectivity; or just use the tuner stick's 8 bit A/D;

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Yes, this link was posted on Reddit today:
He even has gnuradio and gqrx running on the N900.

However, running rtl_sdr on a Beaglebone has been a piece of cake since the
beginning, even though the Beaglebone neither has DSP nor powerful GPU -
just a plain kick-ass FPU.


On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Jay Salsburg <jsalsburg at bellsouth.net>
> If it is true, someone has the rtl-sdr Tuner Sticks working on the 
> n900, this code would allow them to operate on the Beagleboard and 
> Beaglebone, Single board Computers, 2 very powerful and inexpensive 
> platforms with powerful DSPs, GPUs, and extensive Development System.
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> I heard someone recently made rtl-sdr work on an n900.  Is it just 
> working drivers, or is it actually usable?  I ask, because the 
> processor may not be up to the job.
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