Raspberry Pi based remote SDR head

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To no one in particular: The usefulness of doing this escapes me. Sure you'd want to put the receiver up high, but in an attic?  There are all kinds of temperature extremes up there, from very hot most of the year to below freezing in colder climates in the winter.

Something like a 1-transistor preamp feeding some RG-6 seems like a more practical solution.  You can buy 500 feet of RG-6 for about $32 at Home Depot and good low-noise transistors are available under $1.  You just need enough gain to offset the cable loss and RG-6 is pretty good.


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Subject: Raspberry Pi based remote SDR head
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Hi folks,

I've been messing around with rtl_tcp and an RTL2832 device on a Raspberry Pi and want to add a bank of front end filters and a LNA that can be controlled by the GPIO.

I want to allow manual control of the signal path via a web page hosted on the Pi, but also want to be able to have the filters selected automatically based on the frequency that the RTL device is tuned to.

I noticed that rtl_tcp helpfully echos the frequency changes to the console, so I wrote a simple shell script to gather this data and control the GPIO.

Somebody may have already done this and there is probably a better way to achieve it but, if this would be of any use to you, please feel free to copy and use as you wish.




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