Raspberry Pi based remote SDR head

Simon PurplePlaNET simon at purpleplanet.org
Thu May 2 23:57:30 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I've been messing around with rtl_tcp and an RTL2832 device on a Raspberry Pi and want to add a bank of front end filters and a LNA that can be controlled by the GPIO.

I want to allow manual control of the signal path via a web page hosted on the Pi, but also want to be able to have the filters selected automatically based on the frequency that the RTL device is tuned to.

I noticed that rtl_tcp helpfully echos the frequency changes to the console, so I wrote a simple shell script to gather this data and control the GPIO.

Somebody may have already done this and there is probably a better way to achieve it but, if this would be of any use to you, please feel free to copy and use as you wish.




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