rtl-sdr, SDRSharp under Ubuntu/mono, high CPU load - compared with GQRX

Lorenz Wiedemann lorenz at schlagseite.de
Sun Mar 10 19:01:42 UTC 2013


I am running an RTL2832 USB stick (R820T tuner in it) and SDRSharp via
Mono under Ubuntu 12.04 with a Pentium-M 1.5GHz and 1,5 GB RAM.


With sample rates of 0.25M and 1.024M, I'm "suffering" from 100% CPU
load and temperatures around 70°C - this can't be healthy for the
laptop... Switching the waterfall off and speed etc. to minimum doesn't
help very much. RDS is displayed fine, all functions seem to be OK. RAM
space is not filled up (30%).

Any advice for a "smoother" running on such an "old" machine...?

http://superkuh.com/rtlsdr.html#sdrsharpappnote said "it can even run on
my old 1.8Ghz P4 laptop".


GQRX did run using the QtPro way as described in the wiki, but after
recent update of GQRX the DC spike at centre frequency appeared (it
wasn't there before), and massive stuttering of audio and the "OOOOOO"s
in terminal window at a lot of different sample rates made the usage of
GQRX worse. (right, this should be posted in a GQRX forum...)

Anyway, did someone notice that GQRX update (ca. first days of march
2013) lead to problems ?



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