Windows driver for RTL283 device

Robert Durkacz robert.durkacz at
Sat Jan 12 04:03:48 UTC 2013


I am using cygwin with Windows XP but I do not have a good
understanding of the Windows OS. I could do with some advice about how
the usb driver for the RTL2832U device is meant to be located by the
rtl_sdr.c program using the libusb library.

For me this program fails with a libusb_open() error of -12. Using the
debugger I can see this is due to no driver being found for the
RTL2832U device.

When the function get_api_type() in windows_usb.c is called it
consults the registry for a driver name for the device. In my case it
finds RTL2832UUSB and RTL2832UBDA but I suppose this just depends on
what is sitting in the registry. Subsequently the program checks to
see if the driver name is WINUSB or USBCCGP. Because it is not the
program cannot work.

Am I meant to ensure either WINUSB or USBGCCP drivers are installed on
my computer and must the registry entry for the RTL2832U device point
to one of these? If so, is there a recommended procedure to do that?

Thanks for any advice
Robert Durkacz

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