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Thu Aug 15 12:42:08 UTC 2013

thanks for all the explanations.  Since I'm new to this I was thinking I 
was missing something bigtime.  I guess not.  I was expecting to see a 
single spike sweeping thru there.  When I saw all that stuff it kinda 
reminded me of the intermod that you see on vhf stuff where several 
frequency  signals beat together to make an image back on the channel that 
you are listening to.  Based on those results I am surprised that the whole 
thing is usable as a receiver but I suppose real life listening there 
aren't that many strong signals that create those artifacts.

Somehow on my screen the linrad thing was not very visible due to contrast 
or something so I couldn't quite tell what I was looking at.

If the bandwidth &/or gain  is turned way down, say 200 khz window, do 
those false signals due to the sweep and subsequent aliasing  get minimized?

73 don

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