openLTE release V00.08.03

Dimitri Stolnikov horiz0n at
Sun Aug 4 15:36:34 UTC 2013

Hi Ben,

> I have released openLTE V00.08.03  
> (
> with support for HackRF and RTL-SDR via GrOsmoSDR. Using this release, I
> have been able to successfully decode broadcast information (MIB and  
> SIBs)
> from LTE networks.

Thanks for the update & congratulations!

> I was also wondering if there is a good way to determine which type of
> hardware is connected?

Ideally you enumerate through available devices and select one to work  
with (example attached). Then you pass it's device string to the  
source/sink and continue from there as usual. You can check for something  
like dev.count("rtl") || dev.count("rtl_tcp") and dev.count("hackrf") to  
distinguish between devices. In our applications we also provide a command  
line switch like

         parser.add_option("-a", "--args", type="string", default="",
                           help="Device args, [default=%default]")

to select a specific device via CLI and to be able to change it's default  
parameters: -a "hackrf,buffers=128".

Best regards,
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