Problems compiling rtl-sdr on debian

lee jones slothpuck at
Sun Aug 4 15:24:09 UTC 2013

Hello all!

Just been trying to compile rtl-sdr ( ) on my linux box but I'm
having a few problems. Btw the linux distro is debian running a 64-bit
kernel; 3.10-1-amd64.

Here's the problem. I can't seem to get rtl-sdr to compile quite right
either with the cmake or autotools instructions from the sdr website.
I've tried both methods; only one completes (but produces an unstable
version) the other version dosen't compile at all.

Here's the output I get from trying to build by using cmake -

and then with autotools method -

I get a lot of errors with the cmake method with lots of warnings
about unused paramaters; the autotools method dosen't even complete.
The cmake version does however but appears to be very unstable. If I
try to run one of the programs made by rtl-sdr -- the program rtl_tcp
with another program such as gqrx, .e.g by starting rtl_tcp in a
terminal then run gqrx in another ( ) I find it causes
rtl_tcp to crash - either with a segfault, or with a  "worker cond
timeout, signal caught exiting!" message (rtl_tcp hung in this case).

I do have libusb (both library and dev) and gnuradio installed btw.

any thoughts on what might be going wrong at all? Thanks


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