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Hi James,

On Sun, 18 Nov 2012 05:40:55 +0100, James Peroulas <james at>  

> Hi! I just released a major update to the LTE code. There's a new program
> called LTE-Tracker that camps on a certain frequency and tracks, any LTE
> cells that it finds.
> Interesting features (all are in realtime):
>    - You can see cells popping in and dropping off as the receiver is  
> moved
>    around the coverage area of the different cells.
>    - You can see the actual transfer function of the wireless channel
>    plotted on the screen.
> I've also made a small change to CellSearch so that now, it also displays
> the number of antennas (ports) on the basestation.


> Please let me know of any comments or suggestions!

I had to apply the attached patch for it to compile on my machine.

Unfortunately i wasn't able to test the tools, as both of them segfaulted  
in xc_peak_freq? Backtrace fragment attached.

LTE Tracker v1.0.0 (release) beginning
   Search frequency: 1815 MHz
   PPM: 120
   correction: 1
Found Elonics E4000 tuner
Calibrating local oscillator.
Segmentation fault

LTE CellSearch v1.0.0 (release) beginning
   Search frequency: 1815 MHz
   PPM: 120
   correction: 1
Found Elonics E4000 tuner
Examining center frequency 1815 MHz ...
Segmentation fault

The old copy of commit ef8474ed5d9213c494e8e17b8436208a04844b1a works just  
fine at the same time:

C: CP type ; P: PHICH duration ; PR: PHICH resource type
CID      fc   foff RXPWR C nRB P  PR CrystalCorrectionFactor
262   1815M   595h -24.6 N 100 N one 1.0000447970890209426
263   1815M   595h -25.3 N 100 N one 1.0000447969528891701

Also, i noticed that you calculate the expected tuning frequency for e4k  
tuners in order to make your calculations more exact. Can you tell us  
which tuning errors you get from the e4k driver usually and how this  
affects your application?


Nice documentation & videos! Linked the page on the rtl-sdr wiki.

Best regards,

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