RTL-SDR with MSI DIGIVOX Micro HD support

Höss Lajos mngc at citromail.hu
Wed Nov 7 20:25:35 UTC 2012


Good news with MSI DIGIVOX Micro HD (1d19:1104) DVB-T tuner. Now the tuner working. Succesfully received analague UHF TV sound channel 80 kilometer distance from transmitter, taxi driver (164 Mhz) and one frequency from 70cm radio amateur band. 

The tuner is FCI FC2580 from debug message. I see on http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr great new info for this tuner 146 - 308 MHz and 438 - 924 MHz (gap in between). Not have any wideband generator for check this, but for example with strong local FM radio station 87.5-108MHz tunable, but received only noise. I think the frequency range possibly same. All rtl-sdr DVB-T tuner with fc2850 has a same frequency range? I interesting for not working frequiency, working frequiency or working freq. but poor receiver quality, or any gap. I interesting also for 2 meter radio amateur band, only max. 2 MHz lower. 144-146MHZ only noise received, i not know my antenna bad, or this is not possible.


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