Small thinko in testing for clock_gettime

Pete Zaitcev zaitcev at
Tue Nov 6 05:44:08 UTC 2012

This appears to be not tested with autoconf (cmake works). The assignment
to $LIBS changes nothing, which cannot possibly be the intent.


cc-ing to original patch author and sign-off

diff --git a/ b/
index 1b94701..c760787 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ dnl libmath (for rtl_fm)
 AC_CHECK_LIB(m, atan2, [LIBS="$LIBS -lm"])
 dnl librealtime (for rtl_test)
-AC_CHECK_LIB(rt, clock_gettime, [LIBS="$LIBS"])
+AC_CHECK_LIB(rt, clock_gettime, [LIBS="$LIBS -lrt"])
 # The following test is taken from WebKit's webkit.m4

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