LTE Cell Scanner

Christian Buchner christian.buchner at
Mon Aug 27 10:27:21 UTC 2012

For some reason, your CellSearch software worked the second time I ran
it. Here's the result for a scan in Munich. The two frequencies found
correspond to the operators O2 and Vodafone. Deutsche Telekom is
either not using the 800 MHz band here, or I happen to be out of the
reception range for this dongle.

Detected the following cells:
C: CP type ; P: PHICH duration ; PR: PHICH resource type
CID      fc   foff RXPWR C nRB P  PR CrystalCorrectionFactor
449    796M -13.2k -47.7 N  50 N one 0.99998344473785039099
372    806M -13.2k -43.7 N  50 N one 0.99998362964129883235

This software project is way cool! I am surprised how precise my crystal is.

Now who's willing to extend the code to combine several dongles to
scan the full 10 MHz band and to analyze the allocated resources
signalled on the PDCCH so we can generate statistics on cell load and
number of UEs served?


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