gr-osmosdr disable RTL2832U AGC ?

friedtj at friedtj at
Fri Aug 17 07:09:24 UTC 2012

another question:
all my attempts at recording signals from satellites (NOAA POES
weather satellites and ISS) have so far failed. For NOAA, I can
sometimes get a faint signal, but nothing worth decoding to get
a weather map (even with a 25 dB LNA preamp). Now, I have found
one web page (cannot remember where) associating the poor
receiver sensitivity to the RTL2832U DAGC. I remember seeing on this
list that someone had managed to disable this DAGC, but is this
functionality avaiable in the gnuradio gr-osmosdr block ? As an
option provided to the gr-osmosdr block ? should the DAGC value be
set to some specific value then ? Or kept at minimum value ?

Thanks, JM

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