Say Enter "RTL readlen=524288" in the 'ExtIO : Device hint' edit field, when that is what you mean

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at
Mon Aug 13 14:53:44 UTC 2012

OK I get it. I wish those who write this stuff were not so Cryptic and
Acronymous. On this page ... the
author has an entry that looks like this "RTL readlen=524288" yet nowhere in
the immediate text is there any language stating to enter this text in the
'ExtIO : Device hint' edit field, you have to sort of guess the author
thoughts. No one is ever thinking like the one who is doing the original
thinking so to reproduce original thinking adequate references to what the
author is thinking is required to reproduce the original thoughts in the
reader's mind. Literate illustration makes everything so much easier (and a
liberal sprinkling screen shots).


Jay Salsburg

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