The real problem with this thing

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at
Mon Aug 13 13:11:54 UTC 2012

I have been hacking into one of those $20 DVB-T TV Tuner Dongles. To get it
to tune to the Freq I want I use the usual method with the ExtIO Drivers.
The real problem with this thing, as far as making good use of the valuable
E4000, is the RTL2832, even though controlling the Tuner through the USB
requires the RTL2832. This clumsy Analog to Digital Converter / USB
interface Chip, does not have the Audio dynamic range needed for my
purposes. The infuriating predilection it has to crash every time you want
to shift frequency is another disadvantage. 
Since the Owners of the E4000 have gone into Bankruptcy, I am taking the
initiative to hack the Tuner. 
First, I attached a high gain audio amplifier's input directly to the
Tuner's output then to a 96K Sample per Second, 24 Bit Audio card to observe
a high quality spectral image from the tuner.
Next is to hack into and record the I2C sent to the Tuner, so it may be
controlled independent of that infuriating RTL2832. If anyone has done this,
please share your code and understanding.


Jay Salsburg

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