Why does this happen?

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 13 06:27:25 UTC 2012

Perhaps someone can experiment with slowing down the stream of commands from
the ExtIO to the tuner Stick so it remains stable. 

After applying ExtIO to WinRAD and 2 different Tuner Sticks with the
E4000/RTL2832, the same unwanted behavior is exhibited by both.  The
unwanted behavior is the Tuner Stick crashing as reported in the ExtIO:
ezcap... Log as "While setting frequency: _I2CWriteArray:..." To get the
Tuner Stick back, I have to unplug it, quit WinRAD, plug in the Tuner Stick,
relaunch WinRAD.

This seems to be a consistent problem, not with the Tuner Stick but with the
ExtIO script. While I am not familiar with the ExtIO Script, it seems the
Tuner Stick is not able to receive wide or rapid changes in frequency.  

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