Bug hunting

Christian Gagneraud chris at techworks.ie
Tue Aug 7 11:13:14 UTC 2012


Is there any bug tracker for the gr-osmosdr somewhere?

It would be nice if the "audio_alsa_source[hw:X]: Device or resource 
busy" could be fixed.
The problem with that bug is you can't even interogate the device driver 
for supported gain, etc... If the device is used by another application.

For example, I have permanently 2 devices plugged in, I use an FCD to 
send AIS data to aishub.com, and a RTL to experiment with.
The problem with this bug is that if you use python you can't even catch 
the exception, it simply crash the script. I think that the behaviour is 
different when using C++.

Another "bug" I discovered is that if you just do a device scan to print 
available device and exit the python script, it will generate plenty of 
error messages like "libusb:warning [cancel_bulk_transfer] unrecognised 
discard errno 9", the workaround is to simply wait a bit before exiting. 
It seems that some USB packets are still pending after calling 


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