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Wed Mar 7 12:27:48 UTC 2018

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "OpenBTS' transceiver retro-fit".

The annotated tag, 0.3.0 has been created
        at  666b78ad76761ed2b37c6f23183682a01d21a60e (tag)
   tagging  71637150a148abab87c970d8f6b895b922e7eed4 (commit)
  replaces  0.2.0
 tagged by  Pau Espin Pedrol
        on  Mon Mar 5 16:49:42 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release v0.3.0 on 2018-03-05.


Alexander Couzens (1):
      jenkins.sh: fix the download url if the qemu image wasn't setup

Alexander Huemer (2):
      Unbreak `./configure --with-usrp1` build
      Fix USRP1 build with support for setting Rx/TxAntenna

Harald Welte (1):
      SocketsTest: Fix printing of non-nul-terminated string

Max (7):
      Mark release target as virtual
      Remove outdated references to OpenBTS
      Remove unused headers
      Update installation instructions
      Update legal disclaimer
      Update license notes
      tests: null-terminate buffer

Neels Hofmeyr (1):
      jenkins: use osmo-clean-workspace.sh before and after build

Pau Espin Pedrol (38):
      cosmetic: Remove trailing whitespace
      Logger: Stop using Log.Alarms.Max from config
      Logger: Stop using Log.File and Log.Level from config
      Drop use of ConfigurationTable gConfig
      Remove Configuration module and libsqlite dependency
      cosmetic: AUTHORS: fix trailing whitespace
      Set up GNU Autotest infrastructure
      tests: InterThread: adapt to have reproducible output and enable autotest
      tests: Timeval: adapt to have reproducible output and enable autotest
      tests: Log: adapt to have reproducible output and enable autotest
      Sockets.cpp: Fix initialization of UDD socket
      tests: Sockets: adapt to have reproducible output and enable autotest
      utils/convolvtest: Remove uneeded libosmocore dependency
      Move ARCH_LA to Makefile.common
      tests: Migrate convtest util to autotest infrastructure
      arm/convert.c: Fix compilation error
      arm/convert.c: Add missing convert_init implementation
      .gitignore: Add missing test related files
      Remove UDDSocket class
      tests: SocketTests: Pick OS-assigned instead of setting one manually
      tests: SocketsTest: Avoid hang forever if test fails
      tests: SocketsTest: Fail test on write fail
      tests: TimevalTest: refactor and avoid double comparison
      contrib/jenkins.sh: Use qemu+proot+debootstrap to run tests with ARM instruction set
      tests: convolve: Disable due to difference in output in different archs
      Remove unneeded libdl dependency
      Fix whitespace
      Add support to set Rx/TxAntenna
      UHDDevice: Initialize async_event_thrd in constructor
      Logger: Drop unused gLogEarly
      Logger: Remove unused logging macros
      Logger: get rid of alarm APIs
      Logger: Drop syslog support
      Logger: Drop support to log into file
      Logger: Remove unused includes
      Logger: Remove gLogToConsole flag
      configure.ac: Check for pkg-config
      Bump version: 0.2.0 → 0.3.0

Piotr Krysik (1):
      UHDDevice.cpp: add USRP B205mini support


OpenBTS' transceiver retro-fit

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