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The annotated tag, 1.1.0 has been created
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  replaces  0.0.1
 tagged by  Harald Welte
        on  Sat Oct 28 18:24:38 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.1.0 on 2017-10-28


Harald Welte (3):
      Fix git-version-gen
      configure.ac: Depend on latest upstream libosmo-*
      Tag/Release Version 1.1.0

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (87):
      logging: Define default logging categories
      telnet: Use the dynamic interface for binding the VTY
      vty: Work on configuration of the MNCC to SIP gateway
      mncc: Add the protocol description from OpenBSC
      mncc: Add code to manage the mncc connection for CC
      sip: Introduce source file to setup sofia sip
      call: Introduce a structure for representing a call
      call/app: Hook the MNCC disconnect event in the app and release calls
      mncc: Handle the hello message from NITB
      mncc: Dispatch setup and issue rtp create in response then continue
      call: Add a backpointer from leg to call and drop the argument
      doc: Update with some requirements and limitations
      mncc: Add logging messages about the leg on all points
      mncc: Remember the IMSI as well
      mncc: Add a timeout when issuing a MNCC command
      call: Continue up to the point of call routing
      app: Release the call by releasing the initial request
      call: Re-order includes from local to osmocom to system
      call: Change to past tense and move code after the free
      mncc: Extract the RTP port information before continuing
      call/mncc: Set proceeding and deal with release based on this state
      mncc: Log commands in hex to find the name more easily in mncc_protocol.h
      mncc: In case of an unexpected REL.IND inform the other leg about it
      mncc: Handle disconnect and release the call
      mncc: Prepare alerting and and connecting the call
      mncc: Refactor and reduce some code clones for sanity checks
      mncc: Send RTP_CONNECT and verify connect result
      mncc: In case of a disconnect.ind inform the other leg
      sip: Tell sofia-sip that we will ack certain things ourselves
      sip: Implement MT call out to SIP
      app: Ask the sip side to create a leg
      Write down some of the limitations of the current setup
      app: Translate payload name to IETF codec name
      call: It is call_create and not sip_create
      sip: Mark call as MT call in preparation for incoming calls
      sip: Handle incoming message and screen the SDP file
      call: Create a call with a SIP leg
      sdp: Extract SDP traversing into a separate module
      sip: Actually return after having rejected the new call
      sip: Continue SIP->MNCC (MO or SIP Originated) implementation
      sip/app: Route call from SIP to MNCC and deal with the release
      sip: Refactor sdp file creation and implement alert+connect
      mncc: Begin to implement MT call handling for SIP->MNCC
      mncc: On timeout release the other leg as well
      mncc: Stop timer when starting the release process
      mncc: Handle REJ_IND from the NITB
      mncc: Convert ip address so BTS sends it to the right place
      mncc: Introduce direction and start to handle it separetely
      sip: Pass to not enable media on our 200 response
      mncc: Add handling to connect a MNCC MT call
      sip/sdp: Hack to get a GSM codec call connected
      debian: Initial packaging of the osmo-sip-connector
      coverity: Address two issues found by coverity
      debian: Add dh-autoreconf required by the debian packaging
      app/mncc: Add "use-imsi" to allow calling by IMSI
      mncc: Only copy 15 chars to leave the last one as NULL
      mncc: Have all release go through a local method
      mncc: Reject hold requests for now
      mncc: Use snprintf correctly create format specifier
      vty: Add simple VTY output for current calls
      vty: Fix the number of documented arguments
      sip/call/mncc: Move source/dest into the call structure
      vty: Add extended show calls command with all information
      mncc: Use strcpy for these routines and not memcpy
      vty: Add VTY command about the state of the mncc connection
      jenkins: Add first CI script for the SIP connector
      distcheck/tests: Add the referenced osmoappdesc.py for testing
      distcheck: Package the logging.h file as well
      jenkins: Try to enable the vty tests as well
      jenkins: Use separate check invocation tor un the tests
      jenkins: Make it find the libosmocore library as well
      sip: Start the application even if sofia-sip is broken
      sip: Treat SIP 183 as progress too
      evpoll: Use {} in the middle of the if/else if/else block
      evpoll: Always initialize revents for the output
      evpoll: Don't try to be more smart than g_poll
      contrib: Add Dockerfile to build and configure a FreeSWITCH
      call: Fix call release handling on mncc connection loss
      mncc: Fix use after free on mncc socket disconnection
      evpoll: Add workaround for usage of IP_RECVERR in sofia-sip
      dtmf: Start handling the DTMF MNCC messages and respond
      testpbx: Enable GSM and AMR as codecs to actually be relevant
      sip: Actually honor the remote port of the pbx
      testpbx: Add another number that will just play a ringback
      dtmf: Forward DTMF from MNCC to SIP
      mncc: Enable in-band signalling for early media
      mncc/sip: Attempt to parse the media from session in progress

Keith (1):
      sdp.c Send octet-align in fmtp

Max (3):
      Add git review config
      Use release helper from libosmocore
      Fix build after recent libosmocore update

Neels Hofmeyr (7):
      log VTY telnet bind only once
      build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
      configure: check for pkg-config presence
      jenkins.sh: use osmo-build-dep.sh, log test failures
      jenkins: add value_string termination check
      vty: install default commands for SIP,MNCC,APP_NODE
      jenkins: use osmo-clean-workspace.sh before and after build


MNCC <-> SIP bridge

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