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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag 0.1.0 as this version is indicated in Debian package


Alexander Couzens (2):
      add .gitreview to support git review plugin
      add /debian package support

Alexander Huemer (4):
      fix Makefile.am
      fix copy/paste mistake in src/Makefile.am
      fix build if depenedencies are in distinct directories
      attempt to fix parallel build, improve AM logic

Daniel Willmann (71):
      src/Makefile: Change order of dependencies so a clean checkout builds
      tests: Test asn1_u32_to_bitstring and asn1bitstr_to_u32
      asn1helpers.c: Fix asn1bitstr_to_u32 function
      tests: Test asn1_strncpy function
      asn1helpers: Ensure that string is NULL-terminated
      tests: Test cropping of string still is NULL-terminated
      tests: Add test-hnbap to test en-/decoding of HNBAP messages
      tests/test-hnbap: Decode HNBAP UE Register accept as well
      test-hnbap: Test decoding of the hnbap registration request
      asn1helpers: Fix asn1str_to_uX functions
      test-hnbap: Use different types for UE request and accept IEs
      test-hnbap: Check CID and Identity Info as well
      asn1helpers, test-helpers: Use ntoh/hton* to convert integers
      test-helpers: Also print out hexdump of encoded bit string
      hnbgw: Add VTY commands to show info about connected HNBs and UEs
      tests: Add hnb-test to connect to hnbgw and tests its functions
      hnb-test: Send hard-coded HNB register request for now
      asn1helpers: Add helper to convert u8/u16 to OCTET_STRING
      hnbap_common: Add function to HNBAP generate initiating message
      tests/hnb-test: Generate the HNBAP registration request from ASN.1
      asn1helpers: Add 28 bit conversion function and use it for Cell ID
      hnb-test: setsockopt SCTP_EVENTS is needed to get the sctp_sndrcvinfo
      hnb-test: Send HNB register request and parse the accept
      hnb-test: Send UE register request
      asn1helpers: Fix 24 bit conversion function and use it in hnbgw_hnbap
      hnb-test: Parse UE register accept
      Autotoolize the build
      hnbgw: Lower level of SCTP notif. msg to debug and set default log level to info
      hnbgw: Handle closed connections correctly
      hnbgw_hnbap: Process UEDeRegister and try to free correct UE
      hnbgw: Change logging priorities and add HNBAP category
      hnb-test: Add HNBAP category and reduce MAIN loglevel to INFO
      hnb-test.c: Remove pdus.h include as it is not used
      hnb-test: Send UE de-register after receiving the UE registration accept
      hnb-test: Handle closed connections correctly
      hnbap: Free ASN.1 components after they are no longer needed
      hnbgw_hnbap: Initialize return value and always return something
      Enable vty command to output talloc report
      hnb-test: Add an option to transmit multiple UE register/deregister msgs
      asn1tostruct.py: Fix memory leaks in generated code
      hnbgw_hnbap.c: Clean up after encoding a UE register accept
      hnbgw: Free msgb when connection is closed
      Correct postprocessing of generated files
      hnbgw: Use libosmo-netif for SCCP connection handling
      hnbgw: When a HNB is released release associated UEs as well
      hnbgw_hnbap: Handle hnb deregister message as well
      asn1tostruct: Add memory free functions and use them in HNBAP
      tests/dummy_cn_sua.c: Fix ranap_common_cn include
      Free ies struct after use in tests and hnbgw_cn/rua
      ranap_common_cn: Add missing break in switch statement
      ranap_common_cn: Fix copy/paste bug when decoding outcome message
      ranap_common_cn: Free structs allocated through ranap_cn_rx_cl()
      ranap_common_cn: Free structs allocated through ranap_cn_rx_co()
      hnbgw_hnbap: Zero IEs_t before decode is called
      asn1tostruct.py: Zero IEs_t target struct in decode function
      Revert "hnbgw_hnbap: Zero IEs_t before decode is called"
      context_map: Have one mapping per UE/cnlink combination
      hnbgw: Mark ps_cnlink as ps
      dummy_cn: Respond to initial UE message with empty ranap message
      hnb-test: Increment UE conn_id for each new loc_upd_req
      hnbgw: Print out the hnbgw context map per HNB
      Add pcap of successful PS/GTP data transfer with osmo-sgsn/ggsn
      Better capture for PS Data
      ranap_msg_factory: Use network byte order for 16 bit mode_versions field
      ranap_common: Add helper function to get IP from transport layer addr
      ranap: Add custom ranap_decode_rab_setupormodifieditemies() function
      asn1: Generate _free_*ies function declarations
      ranap_msg_factory: Add keystatus parameter for security mode cmd
      ranap_msg_factory: Fix endianess in paging command
      examples: Adjust IP address of example config
      contrib: Add systemd service file for osmo-hnbgw

Harald Welte (202):
      add Iuh relevant specs + some notes
      add RUA asn.1 syntax from 3GPP TS 25.468 V12.1.0 (2014-12)
      Import HNBAP asn.1 from 3GPP TS 25.469 V12.4.0 (2015-03)
      Import RANAP from 3GPP TS 25.413 V12.4.0 (2015-03)
      RUA: Add missing RUA-PDU-Contents.asn and RUA-PDU-Descriptions.asn
      Add Specs in DOC format, not just PDF
      add by_chapter and by_name symlinks to specs
      add a first RANAP (but Iu, i.e. SCCP+M3UA) pcap file
      add various management / OML related specs (32.57x, 32.58x, 32.82x)
      some more textual notes regarding the specs
      very early intial code snippets for handling HNBAP in a HNB-GW
      add ffasn1c generated code for HNBAP, RANAP and RUA
      Add generated code for RUA using eurecom asn1tostruct.py
      add gitignore file
      further tiny steps of progress on the hnb-gw infrastructure
      give asn1c generated files more useful names
      fixup ffasn1
      first compiling code (untested)
      move asn.1 helper functions to asn1helpers.[ch]
      ADD IU-Common.asn as an attempt to unify the message parsing
      add iu_common.h using C structs to describe PER encoded Iu headers
      hnbgw: Actually link in + call ffasn1c runtime library
      HNBAP ASN.1: Rewrite to avoid information object classes
      RANAP ASN.1 Rewrite to avoid information object classes
      RUA ASN.1 Rewrite to avoid information object classes
      remove ffasn1c generated hnbap.[ch] from source
      RANAP: Further qualify Constants.  They're not just integer
      Add Procedure Codes and IEI constants to CommonDataTypes
      asn1 syntax fixup for ffasn1c
      generate ASN.1 structures for each message withotu iformation object class
      HNBAP: Remove HNBRegisterAccept / HNBRegisterResposne naming inconsistency
      import ans1tostruct.py from Eurecom OpenAirInterface
      asn1tostruct.py: Don't claim copyright on auto-generated code
      migration of code from ffasn1c to asn1c + asn1tostruct.py
      actually build + link the asn1c generated HNBAP ASN.1
      successful has only one 'l' (copy+paste error)
      implement HNBAP_DEBUG via osmocore DEBUGP
      add .gitignore for src directory
      import ans1c generated C sources for HNBAP
      Makefile: chrdir to asn1c subdir and build library there
      makefile: asn1tostruct.py rules for RUA and RANAP
      start using the shared libasn1c, now that it has aper support
      cosmetics: asn1c now no longer explicitly states -fnative-types
      update .gitignore
      hnbgw: Bind to INADDR_ANY, not to localhost only
      hnbgw: Initialize linked list header of hnbgw's
      hnbgw: Fix SCTP server/receiver
      hnbgw: zero-initialize the output struct before aper_decode()
      Use implement HNBAP transmit using per-hnb write_queue
      use htonl(ppid) when sending a SCTP message
      more error logging in hnbap TX successful outcome
      hnbap encode: don't pass 0 as available buffer space
      hnbgw.c: Fix double-free in wait-queue transmit code
      hnbap: Don't enqueue a NULL msgb for transmit
      avoid parsing SCTP noficiations as user data
      msgb_free() all received messages after handling
      add Makefile.local to generate prefixed RUA code
      add asn1c generated RUA c+header files
      add asn1c generated C source for RANAP (and Makefile to regenerate)
      build + link to RUA and RANAP libraries
      Cleanups (rename 'asn1c' to 'hnbap', Makefile sanitizing)
      Add README file about current state
      add AGPLv3 license text
      hnbap Makefile: add asn1c include directory
      asn1tostruct.py: Add support for type prefixing
      enable building + linking of RUA support
      actually dispatch RUA messages to RUA handling code
      rua: dispatch different message types and print context/cause
      don't attempt to regenerate ranap-common, it is not auto generated!
      ranap: Add more manual definitions to RANAP-PDUs
      first dispatch of RUA into RANAP
      Back RUA/RANAP integration until RANAP Reset works for cs+ps
      introduce ue_context management
      remove obsolete asn1c makefiles in the asn1c/ hierarchy
      ue context: fix linked list insert
      respond to HNBAP UE REGISTER REQ withe correspnding ACCEPT
      hnbap: Print error messages in error cases
      move BCD string encoding/decoding functions to iu_helpers.[ch]
      iu_helpers: fix encoding of BCD (like IMSI) into OCTET STING
      add unit test for BCD encoding/decoding
      various cleanups (compiler warnings, coding style)
      ranap: prepare decoding of InitialUE message
      RUA: hand off RANAP from all PDU types, not just UnitDataTransfer
      ranap: Parse InitialUE message and hex-print NAS PDU
      ranap: receive/parse DirectTransfer
      the Context ID is a 24bit number, we cannot use len = 4 bytes!
      add copyright statement and AGPLv3 headers to source code files
      make asn1bitstr_to_u32() work for sub-32bit bit-strings
      add asn1_u24_to_bitstring()
      add more relevant/related specs
      Re-add the 'regen' targets lost in the automake transition
      RANAP: Add more types/IEs to RANAP-PDU.asn and re-generate C
      Make .gitignore aware of autoconf artefacts
      asn1tostruct: Avoid erroneous double-underscores
      One further RANAP hacking session
      hnbgw: Use the now-compiling RANAP encoder+decoder code
      {rua,hnbap,ranap}_common: Add missing encoding functions
      {hnbap,rua,ranap}_common.c: Reduce code duplicatioon
      Add ranap_generate_outcome() function
      WIP: add some early code for generating required RANAP messages
      hnbap_common: Fix copy+paste mistake (use hnbap msgb allocator)
      ranap_common: Add function to wrap IEs into a RANAP_ProtocolIE_FieldPair_t
      test-ranap.c: More WIP code for convoluted RANAP message encoding
      RANAP: Split FormatInformationParameter / SDUParameterItem
      test-ranap.c: Further WIP, it now actually compiles
      ranap: Ensure we free any intermediate dynamically allocated memory
      ranap: Use CALLOC() macro of libasn1c
      hnbap/rua: Don't usse malloc() directly but use CALLOC() macro
      {hnbap,ranap,rua}_common: use FREEMEM(), not free() directly
      {hnbap,rua,ranap}_common: check for encoding errors in new_ie()
      ranap_common: Fix error cleanup path while generating IE Pair
      implement BIT_STRING_fromBuf() similar to OCTET_STRING_fromBuf()
      First compiling (and leak-free) RANAP message generation functions
      Makefile.am: Replace .PHONY asn1tostruct.py rules
      ranap: Don't forget ProtocolIE-CointainerPair around ProtocolIE-FieldPair
      ranap: No need for htonl() of IP addresses and the like
      ranap: Don' shift the RAB ID by 3 bits
      ranap ASN.1: Define IMSI as OCTET STRING to work around asn1c bug
      Add various RANAP packet captures (pcap files) found on the net
      add TS 25.412 spec
      Makefile.am: Try to model the asn1tostruct.py generation dependencies
      move COPYING file to root directory
      Add WIP code for SCCP User Adaptation (SUA) and SCCP User SAP
      SUA: More FIXMEs
      SUA: Ensure osmo_ prefix is used on all global symbols
      remove sigtran code, now part of libosmo-sccp
      hnbgw: Add SUA client socket towards localhost
      use msgb_sctp_ppid() from libosmo-netif, remove local declaration
      Introduce DRANAP/DRUA log categories to separate logging
      Add a context mapper to map RUA ContextIDs <-> SUA Connection IDs
      hnbgw_rua: Don't use msgb as imput, allow more parameters
      hnbgw: Bring all parts together
      Implement forwarding of RANAP PAGING from CN to all HNBs
      improve logging, remove obsolete FIXMEs, return of non-void functions
      RANAP: Replace the last remainng TBCD-STRING with OCTET STRING
      hnbgw_rua.c: Incoming context IDs are 24bit wide according to spec
      asn1helpers.h: Add missing declarations of functions in asn1helpers.c
      ranap: New ranap_new_msg_initial_ue() funcition
      ranap_msg_factory: use OCTET_STRING_fromBuf() in ranap_new_msg_dt()
      ranap_msg_factory.c: Fix compiler warnings
      hnb-test: Add VTY to manually issue Iuh messages
      add rua_helper.[ch] missing from previous commit
      ranap_common: Add ranap_cause_str() to stringify RANAP Cause
      don't return undefined strings from rua_cause_str()
      hnbgw_ranap: Print RANAP Cause in RESET and ERROR INDICATION
      hnbgw_rua.c: Print RUA cause in error indication
      hnbgw_hnbap: Print HNBAP Cause during UE De-Register
      Fix typo / spelling mistakes
      Add new common RANAP parsing code for CN elements
      factor out some common shared test init code
      ranap_common: Add value_string for procedure code and presence
      use libosmocore SCCP_SSN_RANAP definition
      ranap_common.c: Add ranap_parse_lai()
      add 'dummy cn' as a stub core netwrok element to which hnbgw connects
      don't double-free msgb's in rua_helper and ranap_common_cn
      properly resolve the cnlink from SUA signalling link
      context_map: Don't forget to store the SCU connection ID
      Start to use SUA local referencs from 1000 upwards
      More verbose logging (CS/PS domain)
      remove ranap_parse_lai() from hnbgw_ranap.c
      ranap: Allocate msgb's with headroom for SCCP User primitive pushing
      Dummy CN: Create a per-UE connection context and resolve it.
      dummy_cn_sua.c: Fix syntax errors
      dummy CN: Handle Iu Release Request (respond with Release Command)
      Dummy CN: Handle RANAP payload of DISCONNET.ind
      RANAP-PDU-Contents: fix syntax error regarding InitialUE-Message
      ranap_msg_factory: CipheringInformation is optional in SecurityModeCommand
      ranap_msg_factory.c: Use X.213 NSAP encoding for TransportLayerAddr
      ranap_common_cn: Fix typo
      ranap_common_cn: Handle non-terminal 'outcome' for RAB-ASS.resp
      more verbose logging in various places
      make bitrates configurable in new_rab_par_data()
      fix copy+paste mistakes when encoding GTP TEI in RAB Parameters
      ranap_msg_factory: functions for RAB and IU Release Request
      ranap_msg_factory: Mark 'RANAP_Cause_t *' as const
      asn1helpers: Add new OCTET_STRING_noalloc
      ranap_msg_factory: Fix memory leaks in OCTET_STRING
      test-ranap: Call new RANAP encoder functions from ranap_msg_factory.c
      import message sequence charts (ladder diagrams) for RUA/RANAP/NAS
      Introduce libosmo-ranap.so as shared RANAP lib
      Makefile restructuring; install ranap header files
      merge (+rename) iu_helpers.c into libosmo-ranap
      update .gitignore
      don't include hnbgw.h from ranap header files
      move asn1helpers.[ch] to libasn1c
      steps towards making 'make distcheck' work
      add test-ranap to testsuite
      move tests/rua_helper.[ch] to src directory
      add git-version-gen to auto-generate git based version number
      add pkg-config file for libosmo-ranap
      hnbap_common.c: Fix include path
      ranap_common_cn.c: Use call-backs rather than function calls
      make ranap_common.cn.[ch] part of libosmo-ranap
      also 'sed' the include path of the ranap_common.h file
      import TR 25.931 with examples of signalling procedures
      update dependencies in README file
      Add test case about RANAP MaxBitrate encoding
      test-ranap: Add test case about constrained integer range decode
      RAB parameters: add Extended Max Bitrate
      ue_context_alloc(): Avoid ue->imsi without NULL termination
      Update README with project related information and convert to Markdown

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (3):
      contrib: Add build script used on the jenkins to build it
      contrib: Put asn1c into the PATH as well
      jenkins: Disable parallel make as it is broken right now

Neels Hofmeyr (167):
      README, .gitignore
      really fix src/Makefile.am
      Remove obsolete ffasn1c files.
      move asn1 headers to include/ dir (1/5)
      move asn1 headers to include/ dir (2/5)
      move asn1 headers to include/ dir (3/5)
      move asn1 headers to include/ dir (4/5)
      move asn1 headers to include/ dir (5/5)
      gitignore m4 and libosmo-ranap.pc
      Remove osmo-iuh subdir level from include/ (1/2)
      Remove osmo-iuh subdir level from include/ (2/2)
      install only ranap headers, make rua and hnbap headers 'noinst'.
      Fix subdirs of include/osmocom/Makefile.am
      Fix -I in tests/ (broken by include dir changes)
      rebuild en/decoders when asn1tostruct.py changed
      gitignore (dummy-cn, testsuite.dir)
      asn1tostruct.py: don't generate unused local struct instances.
      Fix install location to osmocom/ranap (without osmo-iuh)
      move ranap_*.h,iu_helpers.h to include/osmocom/ranap/
      Add missing ranap_ies_defs.h (generated from 'make regen' but we want it committed)
      Add ascii art protocol overview.
      Add readme to hint at mscgen
      ranap_common.h: declare ranap_parse_lai()
      hnbgw: hnb_context_alloc(): fix missing free, missing return, wrong error return type
      dummy_cn_sua: missing include
      hnb-test: fix wrong domain indicator in ranap.
      hnbgw vty: add logging commands
      hnbgw: fix errmsg typo
      doc: tweak protocols ascii art
      test-ranap.ok: fix expectations after commit 49f99cd26
      osmo-hnbgw, hnb-test: allow configuring VTY address
      hnb-test: some rua rx printfs
      hnb-test: comment on gen_initue_lu() IMSI
      hnb-test: tweak comment
      hnb-test: decode NAS pdu when receiving RUA from CN
      hnb-test: attempt to reply to an MM Identity Request
      avoid a warning by declaring struct gprs_ra_id opaquely
      hnb-test fix id resp
      hnb-test-ranap.c: fix missing return
      hnb-test: replace some hex vals with GSM48_* constants
      hnb-test: add messages leading to Location Update Accept
      hnb-test: make hnb-gw address configurable
      fix build: move local include dir before sys installed one
      build: use $top_srcdir instead of ../
      hnb-test: send TMSI REALLOC COMPL only when LU ACC sent a TMSI
      Move sccp_helpers.[hc] to libosmo-sigtran
      use of sccp_helpers: apply osmo_ name prefix addition
      hnb-test: factor out MM header parsing
      hnb-test: print LU Reject
      hnb-test: answer MM Authentication Request
      hnb-test: print sent bytes
      rename README.msc to README
      ranap_parse_lai(): add LAC size check, and log all parse errors
      ranap_parse_lai(): Fix wrong BCD decoding for MNC. Add test.
      hnb-test: use gsm48_hdr_pdisc() and gsm48_hdr_msg_type() instead of bitmasks
      hnbgw: set DMAIN loglevel to DEBUG by default
      cosmetic: add comment to hnbgw_cnlink_init()
      hnbgw: add handle_cn_conn_conf() debug logging
      hnbgw: debug-log cn disconnect ind
      hnbgw: set default RNC ID to 23 (for testing)
      hnb-test: don't segfault when msgb has no l3
      hnb-test: rx dtap: log message size
      hnb-test: on auth response, make it seq nr 2
      hnb-test: parse_mm: assert MM pdisc
      hnbgw_cn.c: add #include for inet_ntoa()
      hnb-test: generate SRES from hardcoded Ki
      hnb-test: simplify crossing message layers
      hnb-test: cosmetic: rename hnb_test_nas_tx_dt() to hnb_test_tx_dt()
      RANAP Initiating msg: rx and free Security Mode Command
      ranap_msg_factory: add Security Mode Complete msg generator
      hnb-test: add Security Mode Command handling
      add missing comment in ranap_msg_factory.c
      ranap_msg_factory: add Iu Release Complete msg generator
      ranap_common_cn.c: for now add more decoding that doesn't belong here
      hnb-test: request Iu Release, handle Iu Release Command
      cosmetic: comment typos
      hnbgw_cn.c: pass cnlink instead of slink
      hnbgw_cn.c: fix uninitialized hnb_gw pointer
      cosmetic: indentation fix
      hnbgw: add debug log about new CN links
      hnb-test: receive Paging, add CL rx
      dummy-cn: add optarg, add --bind argument
      ranap_parse_lai(): properly initialize out-arg, adjust test experr
      hnbgw: remove unused static function
      cosmetic: comments, log typo, explicit pointer
      compiler warning: hnbgw_ranap.c: include ranap_msg_factory.h
      new RAB: add use_x213_nsap parameter / change it to bool
      ranap_msg_factory: fix RAB IP addr byte order for use_x213_nsap==false
      UE Register: fix: free ies when no IMSI is found
      hnbgw: dumb fix of context map hnb_list double delete
      test-ranap: fix missing free in test_aper_causemisc, fixes expout
      fix: test-ranap.c: missing NULL init
      fix test-ranap, after tmsi endianness fix
      make regen: ~8x faster: use sed script instead of single invocations
      make regen: fix: use $(MAKE) instead of make
      asn1tostruct.py: use '#\!/usr/bin/env python', not '#\!/usr/bin/python'
      jenkins.sh: fix, remove code dup
      jenkins.sh: echo HEADs' hashes, echo each project name prominently
      jenkins.sh: build both with checked-in and regenerated asn1 code
      fix compiler warnings with new libosmo-sccp: rename to osmo_sccp_*
      fix compiler warning: osmo_prim_cb() has void* arg
      hnbgw: add copyright to vty_info
      hnbgw: add cmdline arg parsing with default options
      hnbgw: add config file and -c cmdline option
      hnbgw: make cmdline options stronger than config file
      hnbgw: move vty commands out to new hnbgw_vty.c
      hnbgw vty: add empty hnbgw and hnbgw/iuh vty nodes
      hnbgw: make Iuh bind address configurable via VTY
      add to dist: doc subdir with all current doc files
      add doc/examples, Makefile.am adds all *.cfg files generically
      doc: add example osmo-hnbgw.cfg
      jenkins.sh: cosmetic: mark start of main build
      RAB Assign for voice: heed the x213 nsap flag
      UE Register with TMSI: reply with a Register Reject
      jenkins.sh: don't build twice
      tests: don't log filename nor color in unit tests
      build: use tar-ustar to allow paths longer than 99
      build: remove subdir-objects from configure.ac, it is broken
      build: fix ranap gen, use same for gen hnbap and rua gen
      build: distcheck: add missing distclean files
      build: distcheck: look for asn1 in top_srcdir, not top_builddir
      build: distcheck: add missing bits for testsuite distcheck
      build: cosmetic: hnbap: undup asn1 src path
      build: move headers to include/osmocom/*
      build: parallel build: require ../libosmo-ranap.la from tests/
      jenkins.sh: enable make distcheck
      ranap: include port in RTP TransportLayerInformation
      comment: note RAB assignment spec reference
      log VTY telnet bind only once
      hnbap: add UE Register Reject for pTMSIRAI identity
      hnbgw: UE context: add handling by tmsi identification
      hnbap: accept UE Register Requests with TMSI and pTMSI
      log: hnbgw: add hnbap UE context allocation info log
      hnbgw: vty conformance: rename iuh 'bind' command to 'local-ip'
      fix: apply rename of osmo_sua_link_get_user_priv()
      jenkins.sh: output all test logs when 'make check' failed
      build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
      configure: check for pkg-config presence
      fix build: look for generated sources in builddir, not srcdir
      jenkins.sh: use osmo-build-dep.sh
      fix msgb talloc context initialization
      cosmetic: hnbgw: addr related renames, move define, move comment
      hnbgw: cosmetic: local-ip config: drop getter function
      hnbgw: parameterize iuh local port: add vty cmd
      hnbgw: vty: set explicit go_parent_cb
      hnbgw: parameterize IuCS and IuPS ips and ports: add vty cmds
      hnbgw_rua: reject invalid domain indicator
      fix error rc in various ASN.1 decoding functions
      hnbgw: rua rx: fix rc and log unhandled Private Msg
      log: fix number format for domain indicator
      cs RAB: add nAS_SynchronisationIndicator
      ranap: make X.213 NSAP 160 bits long, zero padded
      new_rab_par_voice(): add bitrate params, call with (6700, 12200)
      doc: OsmoMSC + HLR instead of CSCN
      jenkins: add value_string termination check
      doc: fix osmo-hnbgw.cfg example
      jenkins: build from libosmo-netif master
      cosmetic: move callers' common switch() into rua_to_scu()
      migrate osmo-hnbgw to libosmo-sigtran's SCCP/M3UA
      sccp_sap_up(): guard against NULL pointers
      rua_to_scu(), rua_rx_init_connect(): add debug logging
      rua_to_scu(): add debug log for calling/called addr
      set RANAP msgb headroom to 512 (times two)
      cn unitdata: verify correct remote addr
      ranap_common.h: fix include of asn1c/asn_application.h
      move openbsc.git's iu.h, iu.c, iu_vty.c here as iu_client
      make point codes configurable by SCCP address book

Pau Espin Pedrol (2):
      asn1tostruct.py: specify python version in shebang
      hnbgw: Fix crash if cnlink fails to connect


Osmocom code for Iuh interface

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