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commit 139d0c08d3e1dcf206f6fdcc04fbb53db777aff4
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at>
Date:   Sun Oct 22 02:31:33 2017 +0200

    VTY reference: use node names as section names
    In 'show online-help' output, add the node names (currently all derived from
    the prompt) as <node><name> entry, so that in the osmo-gsm-manuals, each
    section of node commands gets a title. So far, each section of commands has no
    name at all, and it is entirely up for guessing which part of the VTY the
    commands are about.
    Node section names, e.g. for OsmoHLR, will be like
      1 VTY reference
      1.4 config
      1.5 config-log
      1.6 config-line
      1.7 config-ctrl
      1.8 config-hlr
      1.9 config-hlr-gsup
    Before this patch, all but '1 VTY reference' were plain empty.
    A better solution would be to list the actual command name that enters the
    node, and to nest the commands identically to VTY node nesting, but since this
    information is currently hidden in node command implementations, it is
    impossible to derive it. So we should actually make the VTY reflect the node
    nesting structure in its data model, which would resolve both the accurate node
    name problem as well as produce well-structured output to generate the VTY
    references from. This patch is a workaround for lack of a more profound fix of
    the VTY data model. At least it makes the VTY references' sections even
    remotely useful.
    Change-Id: Iaf745b2ab3d9b02fc47025a0eba3beb711068bfe

commit b4e165914e3ed459b5dd7d6c5efb5803511a8a26
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at>
Date:   Sun Oct 22 02:31:33 2017 +0200

    VTY reference: do not list empty nodes
    In 'show online-help' output, don't list nodes that have no commands (the
    'Password' node).
    Change-Id: Iaf745b2ab3d9b02fc47025a0eba3beb711068bfe

commit 6fa35b39e8b515e45689235cd7e7f40ae78b0ea8
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at>
Date:   Thu Oct 19 02:44:57 2017 +0200

    vty XML export: avoid repeating common node commands for each node
    We use 'show online-help' to generate VTY reference manuals. It is not helpful
    to include the common node commands on each and every node level, it clutters
    the actual useful help.
    Still list the common nodes on the CONFIG node, but omit them elsewhere.
    Change-Id: Ie802eccad80887968b10269ff9c0e9797268e0d4

commit e8c9c0dc78035e2a085ef1d263486ed795eda8c5
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at>
Date:   Mon Oct 16 16:18:01 2017 +0200

    ctrl: allow more nodes than those in enum ctrl_node_type
    Add ctrl_interface_setup_dynip2() to add a node_count parameter, which can be
    used to define more ctrl nodes without having to merge a patch to libosmocore.
    In consequence, also add ctrl_handle_alloc2(), since
    ctrl_interface_setup_dynip() uses ctrl_handle_alloc() to allocate the node
    slots, and add node_count param to static ctrl_init().
    Passing zero as node_count indicates to use the default of _LAST_CTRL_NODE as
    before, i.e. to not define more ctrl nodes. Assert that we never allocate less
    than _LAST_CTRL_NODE slots.
    The current ctrl_interface_setup_dynip() and ctrl_handle_alloc() become simple
    wrappers that pass zero as node_count. Their use is still valid and they do not
    need to be deprecated.
    The API comment to ctrl_interface_setup_dynip2() explains how to define more
    node IDs.
    This patch was verified to work by osmo-hlr.git change
    I98ee6a06b3aa6a67adb868e0b63b0e04eb42eb50 which adds two node IDs for use by
    osmo-hlr only.
    Change-Id: I1bd62ae0d4eefde7e1517db15a2155640a1bab58

commit 032846ad92776004faedca7be378f558234fec29
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at>
Date:   Thu Oct 19 02:40:01 2017 +0200

    add osmo_talloc_asprintf() and ctrl_cmd_reply_printf()
    Add macro to append to a CTRL commands' reply string, ctrl_cmd_reply_printf().
    The talloc_asprintf() part of it is generic enough to qualify for a separate
    macro, osmo_talloc_asprintf().
    The idea is to not have to decide for each bit added to a string whether the
    string is already allocated or not, but simply be able to issue printf commands
    and let the macro worry about initial allocation or reallocation.
    This originally came from osmo-hlr change
    I1bd62ae0d4eefde7e1517db15a2155640a1bab58, where it was requested to move this
    bit to libosmocore.
    Change-Id: Ic9dba0e4a1eb5a7dc3cee2f181b9024ed4fc7005


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