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commit 9188c69f093f00f47753a028a656df0954ca0fc6
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 03:53:06 2017 +0200

    cosmetic: cmdline arg doc tweaks
    Change-Id: I60dc059879dfe15cd3415ce1ed068ded28ff084e


commit d9a4e07fb33c992997e88b3ddb6157af15210c86
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 03:20:04 2017 +0200

    osmo_verify_*: clarify naming to osmo_interact_*
    We now have common implementations, and separately named scripts with distinct
    command line argument signatures to obtain the separate tasks.
    osmo_interact_common.py implements the parts common to all VTY and CTRL
    osmo_interact_vty.py and osmo_interact_ctrl.py implement commands I/O but only
    expose command line args to directly pipe commands and responses.
    osmo_verify_transcript_vty.py and osmo_verify_transcript_ctrl.py act as before,
    now implemented by importing osmo_interact_{vty,ctrl}.py, only exposing the
    verifification command line arguments.
    Change-Id: Ie0cbd5db85ebebc893df638a07f5568632563dc9


commit 08d645b01db09c14520a6000ce4833dbb74c0c88
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 02:45:10 2017 +0200

    osmo_verify_transcript: allow running/piping commands directly
    To retrieve the VTY reference XML from 'show online-help', which we need for
    the osmo-gsm-manuals, it is useful to directly print the output of a single VTY
    I have also always wanted to be able to just type CTRL commands and get their
    Add --command and --output arguments to run specific commands and pipe to
    stdout instead of verifying a transcript file, in a way that works generically
    for both VTY and CTRL interface.
    The scripts' names are now a bit of a misnomer, to be tweaked separately.
    Change-Id: I2c31a87fa255092bcd06da239651cc50174c8faa


commit 32cbce1a163f4c5e084bbb5f02e5312cd78575c1
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 03:39:22 2017 +0200

    osmo_verify_transcript_vty: automatically obtain the prompt string
    If -n is omitted, retrieve the proper prompt name from the initial VTY opening
    Change-Id: Id5d953156023fcbfc8867c1c3634d787d0b3ac57


commit 7b5203f6aa2eb236019470029f0891bfc7998eff
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 18 02:09:08 2017 +0200

    osmo_verify_transcript: add error handling for missing port
    Change-Id: I1627c36cfb627e7f3a9b4d9f087bf10875ae0690



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