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This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.  That is
to say, the old revision is not a strict subset of the new revision.  This
situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (7a5d12ca717865de42f7be1942310956a1534871)
             N -- N -- N (047b45beb63553a4566eb1fe73a25bc2cb5af519)

When this happens we assume that you've already had alert emails for all
of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
branch from the common base, B.

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 047b45beb63553a4566eb1fe73a25bc2cb5af519
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 02:59:54 2017 +0200

    implement subscriber vty, tests
    Depends: libosmocore I1e94f5b0717b947d2a7a7d36bacdf04a75cb3522
    Change-Id: I42b3b70a0439a8f2e4964d7cc31e593c1f0d7537


commit 063a935062f6309aa5286bd0075eb725d343ad14
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Wed Oct 11 01:20:55 2017 +0200

    gitignore: tests/package.m4
    Change-Id: Ida4a61d4786d7db63dc59a641f44afb2ec2edd97


commit a8992f2d44f8c9a8e349aabc0771478219709a81
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 21:59:02 2017 +0200

    ctrl_test_runner.py: use proper constant as test db path
    Change-Id: I9533a9ff8c0f8d24c678583a9197143a187908f3


commit fc0b1d64ce14a4c083c702d5e9e8b4f5ac7dc08e
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 23:20:09 2017 +0200

    cosmetic: db_hlr: SL3_TXT: clarify indenting
    Change-Id: I8d03433b6fba90f4e46814bc54636bc3a444cc46


commit 0451e985905985a8025e49b20821c67874cdd085
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 16:52:22 2017 +0200

    cosmetic: log: "SQLite" with capital L
    Change-Id: I43a6ea646f14cfea3a7cd4eb88237ada6d47f5f1


commit 96782fa5f76076a0d8e6d9a8932d5fe7b8d5352d
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 23:20:26 2017 +0200

    fix db_subscr_get_by_*(): clear output data; test in db_test.c
    db_subscr_get_by_*() failed to clear the out-param struct, meaning that data
    could remain in a struct even though it is not present in the database. Always
    zero out the struct before writing to it.
    Adjust the db_test to catch this error by writing "-invalid-data-" to each
    struct before running db get functions.
    Change-Id: I038bd437452c87841d709fcdd5ac30ab1356b2db


commit 2366161091f05d025f2eb9e18afa14766b5d9b9a
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 23:12:57 2017 +0200

    code undup: use db_bind_text() in db_get_auth_data()
    To make the db_bind_text() error reporting mention "imsi", change the
    DB_STMT_AUC_BY_IMSI to use a named parameter.
    Change-Id: I49bd5eb78170cf4cdf8abb386c766d20d9f1cf73


commit b2584c4831b40a265b63cecdf7bd2f4fca416298
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 23:03:57 2017 +0200

    fix db_update_sqn(): reset stmt in all error cases
    Use the common db_bind_int64() so that the stmt bindings are cleared for any
    errors and to get error logging for free.
    On error with sqlite3_step(), log the SQL error message, and make sure the stmt
    is cleared of bindings and reset.
    After sqlite3_step(), verify that exactly one row was modifed, log and return
    errors otherwise.
    After this patch, the DB interaction closely matches the other (refactored) DB
    Change-Id: I0d870d405e2e0a830360d9ad19f0a3f9e09d8cf2


commit e171b00049ecf60fe45076ef69b0885af82411ff
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 22:49:25 2017 +0200

    code undup: use db_remove_reset() in db_auc.c
    Change-Id: I32d728e2b8a9771421c097647aa0e060e29a601f


commit 5e661d05b4f760ebb2c867a578af48f3db998243
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:51:13 2017 +0200

    refactor db_get_auth_data return val
    Adopt the error handling of the other db functions: return -ENOENT on unknown
    subscriber and -EIO on SQL failure. Return 0 for no error, instead of the
    number of rows modified.
    Adjust the single caller: db_get_auc()
    (and db_test.c).
    Change-Id: I006f471962bdad95d00a3a4c41a28ebbc9740884


commit a085519047f1e140084a00954cf3b6986b7ebae0
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 02:25:00 2017 +0200

    add db_subscr_update_aud_by_id(), complete db_subscr_delete_by_id()
    Add ability to add and remove auc_2g and auc_3g table rows with
    In db_subscr_delete_by_id(), make sure that when deleting a subscriber, also
    all auth data associated with that user ID is removed as well. A newly created
    subscriber must not obtain the same auth tokens just by getting the same id.
    Depends: libosmocore Idf75946eb0a84e145adad13fc7c78bb7a267aa0a
    Change-Id: Icb11b5e059fb920447a9aa414db1819a0c020529


commit 21c4b1427c17ad567ef98cccc1848193bb09b617
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:48:51 2017 +0200

    refactor db_subscr_purge
    Use named parameters in the SQL statements.
    Use db_bind_* functions to drop some code dup.
    Adopt error handling (rc and logging) to match the other db functions: return
    -ENOENT for unknown subscriber, -EIO for SQL failures.
    Change-Id: Iad49d29b90a708c6cf55bfb3bcc02d9e29001a15


commit 02ea5241f7fd4d4874eaddeea83f488502854379
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:36:08 2017 +0200

    refactor db_subscr_lu()
    Use named parameters in the SQL statement.
    Use db_bind_* functions to drop some code dup.
    Use explicit subscriber id arg instead of subscriber struct.
    Match return values and error logging to other db functions.
    Change-Id: I35665e84ddbe54a6f218b24033df969ad2e669a0


commit 64ef6f7aab3b7a361db7d806d92d11740f03b3ef
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 04:10:06 2017 +0200

    refactor db_subscr_ps() to db_subscr_nam()
    Allow to set nam_ps and nam_cs from this same function, by adding the is_ps
    Combine both NAM_PS stmts to DB_STMT_UPD_NAM_PS_BY_IMSI, add another such stmt
    for CS. Use named parameters instead of parameter indexes.
    Improve error return values as well as error logging to clearly indicate
    whether the operation could not find the requested IMSI, or other errors
    Adjust the single caller.
    This prepares for upcoming VTY and possibly CTRL commands, and the error
    handling introduced here has been or will be adopted by other functions in
    previous or subsequent patches.
    Change-Id: I6e70e15228f5bb10bee6758ae5dc9687d65839bd


commit 1161b21b357a50472510cf9174ccbee5d25058bc
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:30:32 2017 +0200

    add db_subscr_get_by_msisdn() and db_subscr_get_by_id()
    Factor out the selected SQL columns as SEL_COLUMNS macro, so that each of the
    new DB_STMTs will select identical columns: the old DB_STMT_SEL_BY_IMSI as well
    Add the new functions db_subscr_get_by_msisdn() and db_subscr_get_by_id() and
    factor out common parts with db_subscr_get_by_imsi() to static db_sel().
    Change-Id: I6d0ddd1b7e3f6b180b4b1b2663c5725d2a4a9428


commit b405dd45ded80a572f92cf435894156eeaee2c62
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 04:26:21 2017 +0200

    db: use int64_t as subscriber id
    The SQLite db does not support uint64_t, and we are always binding the uint64_t
    id actually as signed int64_t. Hence be consistent and actually handle it as
    int64_t in the code as well.
    This means that if we ever see a negative subscriber ID in the SQL database
    (however unlikely), we will also see it negative in our log output.
    The SQN handled in osmo_auth* is actually of unsigned type, and, unless we
    store the SQN as 64bit hex string, we are forced to feed this unsigned value as
    signed int64_t to the SQLite API. The upcoming db regression test for SQN in
    change-id I0d870d405e2e0a830360d9ad19f0a3f9e09d8cf2 verifies that the SQN
    uint64_t translates to signed int64_t and back as expected.
    Change-Id: I83a47289a48ac37da0f712845d422e897a5e8171


commit f23fa4b75bbf44005cf85c6007df1bf38cbfc9ea
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 03:50:30 2017 +0200

    less noise: simplify db_remove_reset()
    db_remove_reset() needs to be called after each stmt run, whether it succeeded
    or not.
    In case sqlite3_clear_bindings() would fail to unbind a stmt, we would anyway
    be beyond recovery. There seem to be no plausible situations where such failure
    would occur, unless there have been no bindings in the first place.
    In case there was an SQL stmt failure, sqlite3_reset() will re-barf the same
    error message, we will always have logged it earlier already in the proper
    We are never evaluating the return value, nor would we know how to recover from
    The conclusions:
    - db_remove_reset() does not need to log any errors.
    - db_remove_reset() does not need to return success.
    Change-Id: I21678463e59f607f5f5c5732963e274392f0fffd


commit 7c13aa3fbb7e6ac470148ee6f026ac9bede48636
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 10 23:42:45 2017 +0200

    db_test: fix typo: drop double-print of sgsn_address
    Change-Id: Ia85a3a3b10ceed4bbcd10867d147355c99ccb715


commit f3e8f36f4066bb3f02db6755686679c311e104ec
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:28:53 2017 +0200

    add initial db_test: creating and deleting subscribers
    Change-Id: I2a0d277f55162bf5ceb0fc7d50390f2994daed71


commit 715e3f6397db19caa177d523ea7c2731ed3901e3
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 9 17:55:16 2017 +0200

    add db_subscr_create(), db_subscr_delete(), db_subscr_update_msisdn_by_imsi()
    These will be needed by VTY commands to create, delete and modify subscribers.
    Auth data editing will follow in another patch.
    The FIXME "also remove authentication data from auc_2g and auc_3g" will get
    fixed in change-id Icb11b5e059fb920447a9aa414db1819a0c020529.
    Change-Id: I725273d36234331093e7fff7d5f12f6be6ab2623


commit cd65ee37252c491d9c578085a2c3d7b1c9907da5
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 03:44:57 2017 +0200

    add db_bind_int() and db_bind_int64()
    Will be used in upcoming patches, e.g. change-IDs
    - I6e70e15228f5bb10bee6758ae5dc9687d65839bd
    - I83a47289a48ac37da0f712845d422e897a5e8171
    Change-Id: I705a15eef242c98feb6e95a883916f6cf8173d70


commit 6c1950e1f37b290f504a288c22eb2c5256cbacdf
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <neels at hofmeyr.de>
Date:   Fri Oct 6 04:20:37 2017 +0200

    cosmetic: don't log about missing SQLite log cb
    SQLite3 seems to be commonly compiled without log callback support. It is then
    misleading to see a seeming error message about this on each osmo-hlr startup.
    Avoid the impression that we would miss out on important logging: query
    sqlit3_compileoption_get() whether SQLITE_CONFIG_SQLLOG is enabled. Try to
    register the callback only if present, if not, say so on DEBUG log.
    See https://sqlite.org/compile.html "SQLITE_ENABLE_SQLLOG"
    Change-Id: I78d75dc351eb587b0a022f82f147e9a31c0324c5


Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                                      |   1 +
 src/db.c                                        |  20 +-
 src/db_auc.c                                    |  10 +-
 src/db_hlr.c                                    |   8 +-
 src/hlr_vty_subscr.c                            |  13 +-
 tests/Makefile.am                               |   5 +
 tests/ctrl_test_runner.py                       |   2 +-
 tests/db/db_test.c                              |  20 +-
 tests/test_subscr_create_update_show_delete.vty |  64 +++++
 tests/vty_test_runner.py                        | 298 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
 10 files changed, 417 insertions(+), 24 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 tests/test_subscr_create_update_show_delete.vty
 create mode 100644 tests/vty_test_runner.py


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