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Fri Mar 10 03:36:08 UTC 2017

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The branch, neels/iu has been updated
  discards  d770bbf0ba84b674165db0cbce12daa68b9ca5c0 (commit)
  discards  de60f7e70f5bc628263fbc3b68383c6743427adf (commit)
  discards  21d385a66c4246b885b7854c94b7cb12aea87abb (commit)
  discards  8b94a6bd226f0b99646535eecc897f0e30bccb83 (commit)
  discards  61da53e980b7aba2cfc8e6e2a8fb0675d5cb1a72 (commit)
  discards  833329854f116cd7e1f7c4aca694f94ceaffc836 (commit)
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  discards  5d3839752a3e53ba779f794b567c9e5a70d40722 (commit)
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This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.  That is
to say, the old revision is not a strict subset of the new revision.  This
situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (d770bbf0ba84b674165db0cbce12daa68b9ca5c0)
             N -- N -- N (f56a2e1d98da5111bbb17f26ae44e6ff0c9e70fe)

When this happens we assume that you've already had alert emails for all
of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
branch from the common base, B.

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit f56a2e1d98da5111bbb17f26ae44e6ff0c9e70fe
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:15:20 2017 +0100

    log protocol discriminators and message types by name
    Depends: libosmocore change-id I0fca8e95ed5c2148b1a7440eff3fc9c7583898df
    Change-Id: If1c49faf6e1757cb16b383dd2db87b48bc94eee6

commit bc3d0b9931d36e16b2359963c2223794a3a516f0
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:16:11 2017 +0100

    log: ciphering/security are implicit CM Service Accept
    Log just as prominently to mark CM Service Accept.
    Change-Id: I7afe9d4f69e5525ede7a7c380a2c48fb2c5054b6

commit a984d3d77fbe747926b0dba15af45c72563a5251
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:13:08 2017 +0100

    debug log: upon bumping a conn, say why it is kept
    Change-Id: I378af1fa06d8a45c01a80a381be143572e1dc41f

commit 0f35f81e80db343994d5488e58877a80a115314e
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:12:32 2017 +0100

    mostly cosmetic: have one msc_conn_close() with cause argument
    Change-Id: Ied7663f856cfce6e7ed1c0314fd558af85091dcc

commit 66c35525cbb2c36340484fd64be4f462858b4f1c
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:22:58 2017 +0100

    adjust msc_vlr_test_reject_concurrency
    Change-Id: Ic4e6ebd8973e9e7f7c578fb559c741cbe10bef5a

commit e962e1833c42dca7d46707f2be934064c9544830
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:14:00 2017 +0100

    allow CM Service Request on already open connection
    Change-Id: I3c4687aafe495e60b1568e6505dbf847adab37f1

commit 15a19c6a0e32b0b3a1d95894dd44340e4bb56410
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:17:14 2017 +0100

    Reinstate msc subscriber conn ref counting
    Indeed the easiest way of ensuring all code paths can cause conn discarding
    while still all code paths can check on whether a conn needs to be discarded.
    Change-Id: I641fe36d9fa2077e3caf63cc583aaa380603bff0

commit 1e449ed90db3a63d8cc7065f16772d9b5b2da759
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:11:25 2017 +0100

    more specifically conclude cm service requests
    Don't end a CM Service Request "lock" too indiscriminately. Trigger only on new
    transactions that start.
    Change-Id: I4f64b8d91cfb1e61be4563594b2d6b23144af5bc

commit 541ee6259fe0a26d9efd2fac2281b878ed38eb02
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Fri Mar 10 02:30:08 2017 +0100

    remove cruft: old anchor and auth code
    Change-Id: I16ceeeede46f244fd454758cc223673dd51cfc72


Summary of changes:

The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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