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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Fairwaves 0.15.1-fw.1 version.

Alexander Chemeris (11):
      libmsc: Update 'max_power_red' VTY command.
      libbsc: Update a BTS's SIs when ms_max_power is changed from VTY.
      utils: 'meas_json' utility to convert measurement feed into a JSON feed.
      utils: Support new fields in the v1 of meas_feed in meas_json.
      libmsc: Rename sup_client to hlr_sup_client in preparation for multiple SUP clients.
      libmsc: Whitespace fix in gsm_sup.c, no code changes.
      libmsc: Make internal functions 'static' in gsm_sup.
      libmsc: Remove sup_init() to make SUP socket initialiaton generic.
      libmsc: Fix comment style.
      libmsc: Create a separate SUP socket for USSD.
      libmsc: Add a comment to the HLR SUP socket creation.

Alexander Couzens (25):
      add .gitreview
      gprs: use new uint8_t * for kv in gprs_cipher_run()
      libbsc: skip channel state LCHAN_S_INACTIVE while handover
      gprs_gmm: remove duplicated start of T3395
      bs11_config: add brackets to fix warning in argument parsing
      sgsn: add statistics counter for GPRS and PDP packets
      sgsn: add statistics counter for LLC packets
      libbsc/libmsc: convert old osmo counter into rate_ctrgs
      libmsc: add missing count of sms no receiver when using smpp_first
      libmsc/bsc: split rate counters into bsc and msc group
      bsc/netinit: correct mistyped rate counter
      gprs/gsm0408_gprs_force_reattach_oldmsg: check llme before use
      gprs/gprs_llc: fix null pointer deref in gprs_llc_rcvmsg
      sms: change rp err cause of smpp_try_deliver errors
      bts: extend bts_chan_load to allow counting tch only
      bsc: count the usage of codec by setting the lchan active
      msc: add counters to track call attempts/active/success/failed
      gprs/gprs_llc: count UI frames over SAPI in the statistics
      fix mistypes, spaces and tabs
      bsc: count the usage of codec by setting the lchan active
      gprs/sgsn: rename gprs->mm_state -> gmm_state
      gprs/sgsn: rename sgsn_mm_ctx_alloc() -> sgsn_mm_ctx_alloc_gb()
      gprs/gprs_mm: add value_strings for PMM & MM states
      gprs/sgsn_mm_ctx_alloc(): initialize MM state to IDLE
      gprs/sgsn_vty: fix typo in comment

Alexander Huemer (5):
      tests/oap: depend on libgtp
      tests/abis: fix format specifiers
      gprs: use libgtp cflags
      Consistenly format variables in */ files
      Build fixes

Andreas Eversberg (2):
      dyn PDCH: Fix free slot search for chan_alloc_reverse == true
      dyn PDCH: Automatically deactivate/activate PDCH on TCH/F+PDCH channel

Daniel Willmann (28):
      gprs: Use RAND_bytes for p-tmsi
      gbproxy/test: Add and call cleanup_test function
      gprs/gb_proxy: Use RAND_bytes for gbproxy TLLI/TMSI allocation
      rename enum gprs_mm_state to gprs_gmm_state
      rename enum gprs_mm_state to gprs_gmm_state
      create_pdp_conf(): factor out PDP context accept dispatch as send_act_pdp_cont_acc()
      sgsn_mm_ctx_cleanup_free(): clean up LLME iff present (Gb, not Iu)
      gprs: more conditionals for Gb specific actions add --enable-iu with deps asn1c, ranap, sigtran
      add DRANAP debug constant
      add DSUA debug constant
      osmux: Add negotiation state so race conditions can't disable osmux
      gprs_gmm: Fix bit mask when determining update/attach type
      IuPS: track msg->dst aka ue_conn_ctx, comment
      IuPS: osmo-sgsn: add core IuPS impl, call iu_init()
      IuPS: redirect Iu in various places, link Iu in sgsn-test
      IuPS: add Iu response to create_pdp_conf()
      IuPS: add Iu response to delete_pdp_conf()
      IuPS: dev hack: init hardcoded Ki on ATT REQ
      IuPS: send Security Mode Command, track the new_key flag.
      IuPS: add GMM Service Request rx and tx
      IuPS: RA UPD: make sure to authorize, for Iu Integrity Protection
      IuPS: sgsn_mm_ctx: add enum gprs_pmm_state field, track PMM state
      IuPS: GMM Attach: reset MM ctx pending_req
      IuPS: Introduce function to change PMM state
      IuPS: Change GTP-U endpoint to SGSN in PMM_IDLE and page UE when data arrives
      gbproxy: Check whether gbproxy_update_link_state_after() deletes the link_info
      test/gbproxy: Test for possible memory corruption when link_info is freed

Dieter Spaar (1):
      SGSN: fix FCS calculation for encrypted frames

Harald Welte (84):
      SGSN: Fix typo in VTY license statement.
      meas_db.c: fix compiler warnings
      Depend on libgtp >= 0.92, as previous versions don't have gtpie.h installed
      oap and gtphub tests must only be compiled of LIBGTP is present!
      Fix TSC/BSIC handling bug and remove bts->tsc
      vty: Print NCC/BCC and not just integer value of BSIC
      Fix compilation with no libc-ares present on the system
      tests/smpp: Fix linking order
      gsm_data_shared: compute/sprintf the lchan name only once
      remove old obsolete linux kernel and wireshark patches
      AUTHORS: Add Jacob and Neels
      bring the README into the 21st century
      mncc.c: Convert mncc_names[] to 'struct value_string'
      mncc: introduce 'struct gsm_mncc_bridge' for MNCC_BRIDGE
      indicate the GSM 04.08 channel mode in 'show lchan'
      add DOT graph showing NITB data structures and their references
      rename ipaccess-find into abisip-find
      Revert "move to hex TMSI representation"
      Start to use struct osmo_auth_vector from gsm_auth_tuple
      move gsm_04_08_gprs.h to libosmocore
      use new libosmocore gsm_23_003.h for IMEI/IMSI length
      Rename gprs_gsup_* to osmo_gsup_*
      rename gprs_shift_*() to osmo_shift_*()
      move osmo_shift_* / osmo_match_shift_* to libosmogsm
      gsup_messages: Add UMTS AKA related encoding/decoding support
      osmo_gsup_messge.[ch] documentation update (doxygen)
      move utils.h functions to libosmocore
      Move osmo_gsup_messages.[ch] to libosmocore
      oap_message.h: Remove dependency to openbsc include
      OAP: use osmo_oap_ prefix for OAP, rather than plain oap_
      OAP: Various coding style fixes
      osmo_oap_decode(): Use common argument ordering
      sgsn/GSUP: Support MAP-style nested LU/ISD
      Add human-readable name of  SGSN_AUTH_AUTHENTICATE
      sgsn_test: Adapt test case to now-existing InsertSubscriberData
      subscr_name(): Handle case for subscr == NULL
      rtp_proxy.c: Ensure msgb_alloc is large enough for largest AMR frame
      Merge "add .gitreview"
      Merge "rename enum gprs_mm_state to gprs_gmm_state"
      prepare sgsn_mm_ctx for Gb and Iu mode (UMTS)
      rename gsm0408_gprs_rcvmsg() to gsm0408_gprs_rcvmsg_gb()
      gprs_gmm.c: Make TLLI handling specific to Gb interface
      gprs_gmm.c: Perform LLME operations only if we have one
      remove old copy of documentation that now is in osmo-gsm-manuals.git
      add example config for sysmobts
      add .mailmap file for mapping git author name/mail in shortlog
      osmo-nitb: generate backtrace on SIGABRT
      COSMETIC: 'if' is not a function, so there is space before '('
      mncc_builtin: Properly reject DTMF
      WIP: OM2000: Full state machine implementation using osmo_fsm
      OM2000: Fix state machien for CF/TRXC on START Result
      SGSN: Use dummy all-zero MSISDN value in PDP Context Act on GTP
      RBS2000: re-establish any lost signalling links
      talloc_cxt: Fix compiler warning / missing #include
      bs11_config: remove compiler waring about unused variable
      RBS2000: Avoid segfault if ts->lapd instance doesn't exist
      RBS2000: Ensure the is-connection-list command is only used on RBS2000
      Support configuration of CON MO Groups/Paths from VTY
      OM2000: CON MO: Allow larger range for CCP and CI values
      OM2000: Add three IEs to TCH activation about which we have no clue
      OM2000: Fix missing dynamic TCH initialization
      abis_nm: Fix possible not-null-terminated buffer
      abis_nm: Fix non-null terminated buffer
      libmsc/db: avoid subscr->name without terminating NULL char
      Fix possible non-null-terminated buffer
      ipaccess-config: Handle setsockopt return value
      ipaccess-proxy: Check setsockopt() return value
      abis_nm: ceck fseek() return code in is_last_line()
      bsc_msc.c: Check setsockopt() return value
      sgsn_test: Fix missing = in == type check
      abisip-find: check bsc_fd_register() result
      bsc_ctrl: Ensure we don't pass NULL string into strtok_r()
      mgcp_protocol: Ensure we don't call strtok_r with NULL data
      cfg_bts_si2quater_neigh_add(): Don't call strerror() on negative value
      gsm0408_test.c: Don't pass negative value to strerror()
      channel_mode_from_lchan(): Add missing break statement
      add gsup_test_client program
      move OAP messages implementations to libosmocore
      bsc_vty: Fix missing break statements in switch()
      sgsn: Add GTP information to "show pdp-context"
      remove unused struct members of 'struct sgsn_pdp_ctx'
      Implement VTY configuration to control Early Classmark Sending
      OM2000: use assoc_so *only* for TS objects
      VTY: Print 3G auth tuples, not just 2G auth tuples

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (44):
      Revert "gprs: Use RAND_bytes for p-tmsi"
      sgsn: Fix pattern for too long msisdn
      osmux: Allow to listen to a specific address
      sgsn: Fix up the VTY doc strings
      stats/mgcp: Initialize the statistics for MGCP as well
      gbproxy: Count more GSM 04.08 messages
      gtp: Fix so maybe distcheck is now going to work
      gtphub: Fix the VTY prompt to make the tests move forward
      bsc/vty: Provide a hint of available input
      gtphub: Fix compilation using gcc5
      dahdi: The driver has moved to libosmo-abis
      gtphub: Make the two setter static as well
      db: Avoid undefined behavior when copying cm2/cm3 from the db
      gtphub: Fix use after free on failure
      gsm0408: Provide unique strings for the gsm 04.08 message
      msc: Remove oversimplified todo entry and add a comment
      Merge branch 'jerlbeck/fixes/sgsn'
      meas: Do not retry to close the database
      mgcp: Fix compiler warnings on size_t on AMD64
      abis: Send the message without enforcing to wait for a response
      bsc: Add code to send ip.access reboot command to nanoBTS
      bsc: Add parameter to restart a bts
      subscr: Add testcase creating an already created subscriber
      subscr: Make db_create_subscriber fail on duplicates
      db: If creating a subscriber in the db fails, return NULL
      ctrl: Extend ctrl command to optionally handle alg+ki
      jenkins: Add the build script from jenkins here
      nat/vty: Don't assume one can magically add IPv4 addresses to lo
      nat/vty: Use different port for the mock MSC
      nat/vty: Convert into str for the VTY command
      nat/vty: And move to a different port..
      nat/vty: Remove second assumption about lo and binding
      nat/vty: Fix construct not working with python 2.6
      nat/vty: Do not print token update statement
      nat/ussd: Add an example of the USSD gateway side-channel
      debian: Make upgrading from debian SID easier
      filter/nat: Fix the context for the imsi assignment
      bsc: Create minimal SI6 rest octets
      ci: Attempt to disable doxygen warnings of dependencies
      lchan: Release channel in case of late activation ack
      ussd: Add band-aid for interrogationSS
      debian: Install header and source file to different directory
      debian: Require libgtp-dev after the SO version bump
      sgsn: Fix deeply flawed copying logic for PDP context activation

Ivan Kluchnikov (35):
      debian: build only osmo-nitb package - enable smpp support - disable the gbproxy test (failing)
      debian: Add osmocom-meas-utils package
      debug: Add DSUP debug category for subscriber update protocol
      sup: Add functions to create/handle SUP messages
      msc: Implement 'remote' authentication policy
      nitb: Integrate the SUP client into the osmo-nitb
      sup: Change status of waiting_for_remote_accept before checking subscriber
      sup: Fix msisdn decoding
      reg-proxy: add application which allows translate SUP to SIP and SIP to SUP
      sup: fix handling update location result message
      reg-proxy: Added configuration parameter for setting registration expiry time
      msc: Implement 'remote-closed' authentication policy
      trans: Add new parameter message reference for SMS and function for finding transaction by this reference
      sms: Add new socket for forwarding/receiving SMS in RP format to/from external application
      sms: Add functions for forwarding/handling SMS in RP format to/from external application
      vty: Install sms_destination_cmd element as NITB_NODE
      sup: Fix RP header offset and RP data length calculations
      sms: In case of receiving MO RP-DATA, we should assign RP message reference value to transaction variable
      sms: MO RP ACK and RP ERROR should be also forwarded to the sms socket
      sms: Use gsm411_rp_hdr structure instead of manual parsing of RP messages
      sup: pass subscriber group parameter to subscr_get_by_extension function
      sms: Route all sms from/to subscribers with extension length = 5 to local smsc
      msc: Increase value of location update timer to 10 sec
      gsm_sup: Update subscriber info in database only if msisdn is received in LU response
      reg-proxy: Implement handling LU responses without msisdn
      gsm_sup: check connection before use it, because it can be already closed
      reg-proxy: free all allocated osip elements, messages and transactions
      reg-proxy: free allocated ipa control messages in ipa_sock_server_cb function
      reg-proxy: we shouldn't free call_id_num and seq_num_str, because they are used in osip_message and will be freed by osip_message_free function
      reg-proxy: use osip_strdup function, because we should allocate memory for scheme and host values to be used in osip_uri_set_ functions
      reg-proxy: fix osip transactions releasing procedure
      gsm_04_08: Change reject cause for not "attached" subscribers from "destination out of order" to "no user responding"
      reg-proxy: Implement purge ms forwarding and handling
      osmo-nitb: Send purge ms to reg-proxy and handle response
      debian: Update changelog to 0.15.1-fw.1

Ivan Klyuchnikov (2):
      Revert "ussd: Add band-aid for interrogationSS"
      gsup: Update code after rebase to updated gsup implementation

Jacob Erlbeck (11):
      sgsn/test: Add and call cleanup_test function
      sgsn/test: Really parse received DL LLC messages
      stats: Enable stats for sgsn, gbproxy, nitb, bsc, nat
      stats: Set class_id in rate_ctr group descriptions
      sgsn: Remove tlli_foreign2local
      sgsn/test: Add bssgp_raid parameter to send_0408_message
      sgsn: Make ra_id_equals available as gprs_ra_id_equals
      sgsn: Only look at TLLIs in sgsn_mm_ctx_by_tlli
      sgsn: Change handling of missing mmctx in gsm48_rx_gmm_ra_upd_req
      sgsn/test: Add test case test_gmm_routing_areas
      sgsn: Re-add searching for MM ctx based on TLLI / P-TMSI matches

Keith (2):
      Pass actual smpp_avail_status through to smpp in alert_all_esme()
      Add VTY command to immediately expire user (set expire_lu to now)

Kirill Zakharenko (4):
      debian: added libosip2 to build dependencies
      debian: new package for reg-proxy & ussd-proxy
      reg-proxy, ussd-proxy: don't use realtime priority
      debian: use --enable-ussd-proxy with ./configure

Martin Hauke (2):
      Fix no-return-in-nonvoid-function meas_vis.c
      Fix Warning: openbsc implicit-pointer-decl meas_udp2db.c:50

Max Suraev (83):
      Ignore vty test byproducts
      Fix segfault with broken config
      NAT: vty command to display number of BSCs
      NAT: extend debug output for ipaccess errors
      Remove trivial wrapper function
      NAT: allow allocating BSC in arbitrary order
      vty_test_runner: update ipa sending code
      NAT: move BSC config into separate file
      NAT: reload BSCs config dynamically
      Add SI2quater support to SI3
      Refactor SI-related code
      Add basic SI2quater support
      Fix documentation for command parameters
      Fix earfcn deletion
      Cleanup shared data structure
      Add basic UARFCN support
      Add vty check for max si2quater size
      Add extra debug output with channel mode and type
      Add missing include
      Fix comment typo
      Adjust si2quater ranges
      Disconnect calls with incompatible channel types / modes
      Ignore extended test leftovers
      Cleanup db test
      Move DTX settings to BTS
      Use proper measurement for handover
      Make extending subscriber creation easier
      Fix copy-paste error in SI6
      Make si2q scheduling optional
      Store last used FN for TCH
      Add regexp authorization policy for IMSI
      Add warning for unsupported DTX configurations
      Add DTXd indicator to gsm_lchan
      DTX: add data necessary for scheduling
      Add talkspurt indicator for gsm_lchan
      Fix SIGABRT on wrong AMR payload
      Make random extension range configurable
      Fix vty tests with subscriber deletion
      SGSN: force GSUP CN domain to PS
      SGSN: add vty config for choosing GPRS encryption
      SGSN: move TLLI unassignment into separate function
      Make random MSISDN assignment optional
      SGSN: prevent starting with inconsistent config
      SGSN: use unique AUTH REQ reference
      SGSN: split GEA key management from TLLI
      SGSN: add preliminary support for GPRS encryption
      SGSN: encrypt/decrypt only necessary frames
      SGSN: move cipher application to separate function
      Fix default subscriber regexp
      Improve code re-use
      Use random operation id
      Add python functions to get/set ctrl variables
      Add web proxy for control interface
      Modify SI 13 field for control_ack_type
      DTX: extend SID cache
      DTX: add flag for AMR HR P*
      DTX DL: use FSM for AMR
      Log use of incompatible BS-AG-BLKS-RES value
      Replace magic number with define
      DTX DL: Add FACCH cache
      Decrease count_codecs logging verbosity
      abisip-find: use protocol constant
      Replace duplicated code with macro call
      Add IPA multiplex
      Use IPA module for vty tests
      Add twisted-based IPA multiplex style corrections use module remove unused -i option
      Improve GPRS logging
      Integrate Debian packaging changes
      Cosmetic fixes around SI generation
      Turn some warnings into errors
      Log expected SRES on GPRS AUTH REJECT
      Turn some compiler warnings into errors
      Print subcriber when skipping auth
      Improve OML failure report fix blocking
      Prevent segfault in range encoding
      SI2q: add support for multiple UARFCNs
      CTRL: remove boilerplate
      Remove dependency to autoconf-archive
      Attempt to fix nightly builds

Minh-Quang Nguyen (1):
      rsl: Fix dropping of LAPDm UA message.

Neels Hofmeyr (341):
      libcommon: soak up three static functions.
      oap: implement initial OAP API.
      oap: add oap testsuite skeleton
      oap: add OAP API test
      gsup/oap: add OAP to GSUP client.
      oap: add OAP config to VTY
      sgsn_vty.c: fix typo
      Add GTP hub initial code base.
      gtphub: add first bits of GRX ares
      gtphub: fix Echo behavior: respond directly.
      gtphub: add/fix IMSI and APN IE error handling
      gtphub: make test code reusable for future tests.
      gtphub: fix User plane decoding, add unit test.
      gtphub: fix handling of sender from nonstandard port.
      gtphub: Add logging for ares queries.
      gtphub: fix numerous segfaults, and other stupidities.
      gtphub: don't always try to do GGSN resolution.
      gtphub: add logging labels to bind struct.
      gtphub: review log levels, add level arg to LOG().
      gtphub: cosmetic: break long lines.
      fix build: remove obsolete gtphub EXTRA_DIST.
      gtphub: fix gtphub_read() semantics.
      gtphub: fix fatal log msg for SGSN proxy.
      gtphub: fix three oversights (thanks to coverity).
      gtphub: fix echo reply to SGSNs: wrong fd. Add test.
      gtphub: lose obsolete comment.
      gtphub: fix ares segfault: add missing initialization.
      gtphub: add enable_gtphub_test to
      gtphub: remove another obsolete comment.
      gtphub_test: build only when c-ares and gtp are present.
      gtphub: add to debian build
      gtphub: add to
      gtphub: fix number map range for TEIs.
      gtphub: nr_map: add min,max and wrap.
      gtphub: cosmetic: rename a file.
      gtphub: review some logging.
      gtphub: ares vty and init
      gtphub: ensure cleanup of peer addresses.
      gtphub: add explicit cleanup handles.
      gtphub: cosmetic: clarify bind pointer naming.
      gtphub: add first rate counters
      gtphub: first vty show commands.
      gtphub: cosmetic: fix an argument name.
      gtphub: move timestamp into packet struct.
      gtphub: cosmetic/prepare: add nr_map_refresh().
      gtphub: add assertion to ensure expiry ordering.
      gtphub: cosmetic/prepare: rename expiry queues.
      gtphub: track tunnels explicitly.
      gtphub: avoid segfault for incomplete tunnels.
      gtphub: fix a conditional for log output
      gtphub: complain about excess cmdline args.
      gtphub: implement restart counter properly.
      gtphub: cosmetic: for_each_side,_plane macros.
      gtphub: use a single TEI pool across planes.
      gtphub: make sure mapped TEIs aren't occupied (incomplete).
      gtphub: refactor: use side_idx everywhere.
      gtphub: vty: add missing SGSN-proxy output.
      gtphub: add two stubs for Delete PDP msgs
      gtphub: fix some style complaints from cppcheck
      gtphub: be more fatal about not finding an unused TEI.
      gtphub: fix segfault when empty config.
      gtphub: remove obsolete todo comment
      gtphub: handle Delete PDP Context.
      gtphub_test: add some cleanup asserts.
      gtphub_test: add test for Del PDP from GGSN side.
      gtphub: cosmetic
      gtphub: monitor GSNs' restart counters.
      gtphub: cosmetic: early continue for less indent
      gtphub: fix: add a missing NULL check
      gtphub: add test for reused TEI.
      gtphub: Add a debug log
      gtphub: add restart counter test
      gtphub: fix use after free.
      gtphub: wrap gtphub_write() for test suite.
      gtphub: fix restart cleanup peer matching.
      gtphub: cosmetic
      gtphub: improve logging for invalid packet
      gtphub: check TEI presence in Create PDP Ctx Response
      tests: fix condition to run sgsn, oap, gtphub tests
      gtphub: Del PDP: replace unnecessary lookup with asserts.
      gtphub: tweak an error log message
      gtphub: prepare: keep tunnel ref in gtp_packet_desc.
      gtphub: implement sgsn_use_sender for NAT.
      gtphub_test: tweak test_user_data(): no seq routing.
      gtphub: add test for SGSN behind NAT
      gtphub: tweak startup log for sgsn_use_sender
      gtphub: add gtphub-example.txt
      gtphub: enhance gtphub-example.txt
      gtphub: fix missing newline in log output
      gtphub: logging: have one newline per log.
      gtphub: tweak logging.
      gtphub: be strict about unknown cmdline args
      gtphub: add more detailed I/O rate counters.
      gtphub: log: add side str to msg for reused TEI
      gtphub_test: add test_parallel_context_creation()
      gtphub: log: add TEI reuse msg, fix another TEI msg.
      gtphub: fix: when checking TEIs, skip 0.
      gtphub: simplify/fix: one TEI mapping per tunnel.
      gtphub: log most common message type names.
      gtphub: improve handling of restarted peer.
      gtphub: add VTY show for peers and peer stats.
      gtphub: log: limit length of hex dumps. fix wrong index introduced by gtphub.
      gtphub VTY test: use only
      gtphub VTY: fix doc strings for show cmds
      gtphub VTY: add newlines to some VTY docs' final lines
      fix bsc_vty out: timeslot indented too deeply.
      remove src/libgb/
      Add README.vty-tests
      openbsc/README: some fixes, add CSCN and Iu*
      gtphub: include ports.h instead of redefining OSMO_VTY_PORT_GTPHUB
      gtphub: tweak default logging level
      osmo-bsc: fix checking wrong pointer for ctrl setup success
      minor fixes in bsc_vty.c and bsc_nat.c
      bsc_nat: fail if VTY telnet port cannot be bound, clarify comment
      ipaccess_rcvmsg: fix returncode, add partial write warning
      gsm340_rx_tpdu: comment-out two unused vars
      enable telnet VTY bind address config for various programs
      osmo-nitb: add -M to pass specific MNCC socket path
      osmo-nitb: cosmetic: rename to rf_ctrl_path, following mncc_sock_path
      osmo-nitb: be strict about cmdline args
      enable ctrl bind config for various programs
      smpp: refactor initialization, add bind address
      bsc_test.c: fix tz.override val and note a FIXME
      osmo_bsc_filter.c: add fixme note
      minor comment
      use sqlite3_close() instead of sqlite3_close_v2()
      check return value of sqlite3_close(), retry up to three times.
      db: evaluate return value of sqlite3_finalize(), tweak log output.
      channel_test: don't segfault if paging fails
      04.08: apply new bitmask functions, fix bitmask use
      04.08: apply new transaction id inline functions
      bsc_scan_msc_msg: check protocol discriminator
      fix confusing typo in constant (THAN -> THEN)
      osmo-bsc: fix compiler warning: store struct in vty->index
      Add MM Auth test; add auth_action_str() function
      MM Auth test: add two tests for AUTH_THEN_CIPH
      MM Auth test: add test to re-use existing auth
      MM Auth: introduce AUTH_ERROR constant.
      MM Auth: return AUTH_NOT_AVAIL instead of hardcoded zero
      Fix MM Auth: disallow key_seq mismatch
      Fix MM Auth: zero-initialize auth tuple before first use
      gtphub_unmap_header_tei(): don't dereference unmapped_tei arg if not present (CID #57687)
      bsc_nat: forward_sccp_to_msc(): assert con presence (CID #57872)
      gbproxy_test: assert msg allocation (CID #57873)
      drop unneccessary duplicate linking: osmo-bsc
      drop unneccessary duplicate/unused linking: ipaccess
      drop unneccessary duplicate linking: osmo-nitb
      drop unneccessary duplicate linking: tests/gsm0408
      gsm04_08_clear_request(): release loc with arg release=0
      tweak db debug log: log TMSI as hex
      gprs_gmm.c: Don't try to de-reference NULL mmctx
      comment tweak for bsc_handover_start()
      debug log: cosmetic fixes
      gprs_gmm.c: don't transmit NOTEXIST when mmctx is NULL
      lchan_alloc(): on alloc failure, report original type
      dyn PDCH: allow allocating TCH/F on TCH/F_PDCH slots
      dyn PDCH: send PDCH ACT for each TCH/F_PDCH on TS Enable
      dyn PDCH: TS flags: rename one, add three, as enum
      dyn PDCH: fix: clear PDCH flags on TS reconnect (e.g. BTS re-connect)
      dyn PDCH: track pending PDCH de-/activation
      dyn PDCH: add lchan sanity checks in PDCH DE/ACT ACK
      dyn PDCH: set lchan->state after PDCH DEACT / before PDCH ACT
      bsc_version.c: update copyright date, add contributor
      configure: require libgsm for --enable-mgcp-transcoding
      rm dup: use channel type names from libosmocore
      typo in sgsn_test
      dyn PDCH: enable PDCH only after release due to error
      vty: show lchan summary: also show lchan->state
      debug log: log all lchan state transitions
      dyn PDCH: cosmetic: clarify lchan rel with assertion and comment
      err log: tweak dyn pdch ack error logging remove code dup add --enable-iu matrix build
      cosmetic: dyn_pdch_init(): flatten if-logic, add comments
      dyn pdch: don't PDCH ACT if gprs mode is none
      fix ctrl test: dyn TS: use new GSM_PCHAN_TCH_F_TCH_H_PDCH
      fix: create_pdp_conf(): unset reject_cause after unknown ran_type
      comments: clarify some dynamic TS comments
      cosmetic: rsl_rx_rf_chan_rel_ack(): use local ts var for brevity
      cosmetic: act lchan type: use constant instead of 0x00
      cosmetic: rsl_rx_chan_act_ack(): use local lchan var in 14 instances
      dyn TS: add ts->dyn state
      gsm_data_shared: add gsm_ts_and_pchan_name() for dyn ts logging
      code dup: join [rsl_]lchan_lookup() from libbsc and osmo-bts
      error log: abis_rsl.c: log errors in channel_mode_from_lchan()
      log lchan_alloc() result
      debug log: fix line endings for abis_rsl_rx_rll logging
      gsm_ts2chan_nr(): add assertions for lchan_nr
      cosmetic: dyn_pdch_init(): debug log: use new gsm_ts_and_pchan_name()
      error log: rsl_chan_activate_lchan: log channel mode error
      prepare dyn TS: act lchan: fetch the channel mode a bit later
      dyn TS: rename lchan->dyn_pdch to lchan->dyn
      dyn TS: gsm_lchan2chan_nr(): decouple from ts->pchan
      dyn TS: rsl *2chan_nr(): handle TCH/F_TCH/H_PDCH
      dyn TS: verify_chan_comb(): handle new dyn TS NM_CHANC_*
      dyn TS: rsl_lchan_lookup(): add dyn PCHAN
      dyn TS: enhance channel allocator for dynamic TS
      dyn TS: chan act: set chan_nr according to dyn pchan type
      dyn TS: implement pchan switchover logic
      dyn TS: split dyn_pdch_init() for new dyn type and rename
      dyn TS: Rename bsc_dyn_pdch.c to bsc_dyn_ts.c
      dyn TS: OS#1778 workaround: disable TCH/F on dyn TS for nitb
      gsm_pchan2chan_nr: disable a chan_nr assert in BTS, to not break octphy
      gsm_pchan2chan_nr(): fix uninitialized cbits
      comment: gsm48_gmm_sendmsg(): add spec reference on encryptable
      dyn TS: bts_chan_load: use correct nr of subslots for dyn ts
      chan_alloc.c: use ts_subslots() instead of subslots_per_pchan[]
      move ts_sublots() to gsm_data_shared.c, it will be used by osmo-bts
      dyn TS: move check whether to switch to PDCH to separate function
      dyn TS: fix error recovery: switch to PDCH after lchan error state
      dyn TS: clearly use lchan[0], fixing minor confusion
      dyn TS: fix: properly run an lchan activation timeout
      dyn TS: fix OS#1798: on late RF CHAN REL ACK, activate PDCH
      dyn TS: debug log 'switchover complete' only when there was a switchover
      dyn TS: debug log: if still in use, also log lchan type and state
      log: improve for rsl_lchan_mark_broken()
      log: rsl notice: tiny tweak for readability
      add libiu
      cosmetic: gprs_sgsn.c: move pdp.h include to top
      IuPS: add VTY config for asn_debug
      log: abis_rsl: don't log 'error' when there is no error
      log causing rx event for lchan_lookup errors
      properly #include <openbsc/gsm_data.h> from gsm_subscriber.h
      remove unused bsc_copyright from bsc_vty.c
      vty l3 help: fix typo 'comamnds'; fix english s/his//
      utils/ remove unused LIBOSMOVTY_CFLAGS
      cosmetic: various comment, whitespace tweaks
      Sanity fixes for gsm0408_dispatch(): rc, assertions
      debug log for sms: fix/add
      cosmetic: transaction.h: 1 comment typo, 1 whitespace
      cosmetic fixes in libcommon/talloc_ctx.c
      mscsplit: bsc_init: don't pass telnet dummy conn
      mscsplit: move subscriber conns list into struct gsm_network
      mscsplit: gsm_network_init(): add explicit root talloc ctx
      mscsplit: talloc_ctx_init(): decouple from global tall_bsc_ctx
      mscsplit: bsc_vty_init(): decouple from global bsc_gsmnet
      mscsplit: abis vty: decouple from global bsc_gsmnet variable
      mscsplit: add gsm_network backpointer to gsm_subscriber_connection
      mscsplit: directly access gsm_network backpointer from gsm_subscriber_connection
      cosmetic: add comment for vim auto settings raise exception when MSC socket connection fails
      log VTY telnet bind only once
      cosmetic: comment typo on e1_config.c
      channel test: prepare to add another test function
      channel_test: test nr of subslots for dyn pchan, with error
      Revert "bts: extend bts_chan_load to allow counting tch only"
      dyn TS: fix: ts_subslots() for TCH/F_PDCH in PDCH mode
      dyn TS: fix: abis_om2000: also handle dyn TS as TCH
      dyn TS: fix: e1_config.c: switch(pchan) for dyn TS
      cosmetic: bs11: also use ts_is_tch() fix nat_msc_test(): socket attach: reduce timeout, retry
      fix: send SNDCP XID only on GERAN Gb contexts
      log CTRL bind only once make unittest print all output by default fix indents to use spaces, fix vim comment
      build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
      configure: check for pkg-config presence
      Revert "bsc: count the usage of codec by setting the lchan active"
      abis_rsl_rx_dchan(): guard against lchan_lookup() returning NULL
      gsm_trx_name(): don't break if trx is NULL use, log test failures
      ipaccess-config: initialize root talloc ctx with name
      bs11_config: initialize bs11 tall ctx, use instead of bsc ctx
      meas_pcap2db.c: remove unused include of msgb.h
      gtphub_test.c: remove unused include of msgb.h
      msgb talloc ctx: initialize in all main() scopes
      msgb ctx: use new msgb_talloc_ctx_init(), don't access talloc_msgb_ctx
      info log: iu: add line break to and tweak rx RAB Ass Resp log
      log: count_codecs(): drop logging of non-TCH lchan types
      bsc_vty: include dyn TS info in vty show lchan
      fix use after free in bsc_config_free
      OM2000: for TS conf of dyn TS, always send TCH/F chan comb
      OM2000: disallow ip.access style TCH/F_PDCH pchan type
      Add empty libcommon-cs
      define mncc_recv_cb_t to avoid code dup
      move to libcommon-cs: net init 1: rename to bsc_network_init
      move to libcommon-cs: net init 2: move bsc_network_init decl to new .h
      move to libcommon-cs: net init 3: actual move
      move to libcommon-cs: gsm48_create_mm_serv_rej(), gsm48_create_loc_upd_rej()
      IuPS: properly update ra_id on GMM Attach Request
      factor out gen of USSD notify and release complete to libosmocore
      factor out & introduce struct gsm_encr, in common_cs.h
      sms_next_rp_msg_ref(): use direct pointer to next_rp_ref counter
      tests: drop unused libmsc, unneeded duplicate libbsc linking
      split bsc_bootstrap_network() in alloc and config
      global gsm_network: move allocation further up
      move to libcommon-cs: global vty gsm_network pointer
      move to libcommon-cs: network VTY that isn't BSC-specific
      bsc vty: rename show_net_cmd to bsc_show_net_cmd
      reinvent connection_for_subscr() and move to libmsc
      Move timezone settings up to network level
      move to libcommon-cs: net timezone VTY config
      split subscr_con_allocate()/_free() in bsc_ and msc_
      osmo-nitb: exit when MNCC socket init failed
      gsm_subscriber_connection: mark BSC specific items
      abis_om2k: fix typo that declared non-existent struct gsm_bts_trx_s
      lchan release in error state: SACCH deact only for SACCH pchans
      cosmetic: chan_alloc: use switch instead of if-cascade
      Fix TCH/F_PDCH: no need to check ts subslots for PDCH
      Revert "Support Deactivate PDP Context Request from network"
      build: bump required libosmocore, libosmogsm to 0.9.4, for GSUP
      comments: gsup client: rename to Generic, adjust copyright and authors
      gprs_gsup_client*: remove the gprs_ prefix
      rename gprs_gsup_client.h to gsup_client.h
      gsup client, gsup_test_client: move logging to DLGSUP category
      oap: rename public API from oap_ to oap_client_
      rename oap.h to oap_client.h
      move gprs/oap.c to libcommon/oap_client.c
      move grps_gsup_client.c to libcommon/gsup_client.c
      oap_test.c: rename to avoid clash with libosmocore oap_test.c
      oap_client_test: print test descr to stderr, check stderr
      oap_client: move logging to DLOAP logging category
      oap_client_test: show bug: disabled state does not reject message
      oap_client: reject all messages in disabled/uninitialized state
      oap_client: make use of OAP optional: disable for NULL config
      fix: missing terminator in two value_string arrays
      gtphub: fix possible NULL deref: don't print NULL tunnel
      build: osmo-nitb: fix missing LIBCRYPTO_FLAGS
      build: remove obsolete $LIBCRYPT in two places
      gitignore: gsup_test_client binary
      use new OSMO_VALUE_STRING
      fix 'osmo-nitb --version' segfault
      Revert "Turn some warnings into errors"
      gprs subscr: fix: intended strcmp(), but is strcpy()
      undup: gtphub_test: use libosmocore's llist_count()
      fix strncpy() invocation in vty_interface_layer3.c and 3 tests
      cosmetic: use osmo_strlcpy() everywhere
      various comment / whitespace tweaks (libmsc, gprs, libcommon-cs)
      osmo_bsc_grace.h: use '<>' include, not '""'
      paging.h: use '<>' include, not '""'
      compiler warning: bsc_vty: remove two unused vars
      gsm0408_rcv_cc: guard against NULL subscriber
      vty tests: attempt to get at sporadic 'Broken Pipe' error
      vty tests: more attempts to resolve sporadic 'Broken Pipe' error
      vty tests: testBSCreload: ipa_handle_small: ensure rx of 4 bytes
      gsm48_tx_mm_auth_req(): support UMTS AUTN
      Revert "vty tests: more attempts to resolve sporadic 'Broken Pipe' error"
      gsm_04_08: implement parsing of UMTS Auth responses
      vty tests: more attempts to resolve 'Broken Pipe' error
      vty tests: more attempts to resolve 'Broken Pipe' error (3)

Pablo Neira Ayuso (1):
      mgcp_osmux: available circuit IDs from 0 to 255, not from 0 to 128

Philipp (27):
      Adding LLC-XID encoder / decoder and unit test
      Moving grs_sndcp.h header file to include
      Adding LLC-XID related modifications in LLC
      SNDCP: add SNDCP-XID encoder/decoder and unit test
      RFC1144: add slhc code from linux kernel
      RFC1144: integration and unit-test
      SNDCP: add RFC1144 header compression functionality
      V.42bis: add sourcecode from IAXmodem (SPANDSP)
      V.42bis: integration and unit test
      SNDCP: add V.42bis data compression functionality
      SLHC: Improving slhc (RFC1144) testcase
      SGSN: Fixing build config
      sndcp: Fixups for sndcp layer based on coverity-scan suggestions
      OML: Improve OML attribute handling
      gsm0408: Adding log output for 3g specific RR messages
      Cosmetic: Add missing switch to usage help
      OM2000: Add fault report parsing
      om2000: added support for ericssons sabm negotiation
      OM2000: Throw error when MO can not be enabled
      SNDCP: Fixup based on Coverity Scan suggestion
      rbs2000: Add missing bts feature definitions
      OM2000: Fixup based on Coverity Scan suggestion
      rsl: support for ericssons propritary SI13 format
      sndcp: fixup for coverity scan defect CID 149097
      LLC: Fixup element order in LLC-XID
      sndcp: Allow empty SNDCP-XID indications
      cosmetic: Rename phone to ms

Philipp Maier (3):
      compression: Fix nullpointer deref
      gprs: Fix compiler warning about uninitalized cause code
      om2000: add VTY command to delete CON groups

Pravin Kumarvel (3):
      Correct Logging macro for pdpctx_timer_start
      Add support for pdpctx_timer_stop
      Support Deactivate PDP Context Request from network

Ruben Undheim (3):
      Patch to make openbsc find libsmpp34
      Fix some typos in stdout output
      deb: unbreak nightly builds

Sergey Kostanbaev (30):
      USSD MAP external interface over SUP
      add standalone ussd_proxy utility based on sip sofia
      Add forgotten Makefile
      ussd_proxy: properly set To and From SIP headers
      ussd_proxy: handle basic errors to release channel
      ussd_proxy: handle USSD dialogs into sip INFO messages
      ussd_proxy: handle error callback
      ussd_proxy: handle session timeout
      ussd_proxy: handle multiple USSD sessions
      ussd_proxy: detailed help
      ussd_proxy: remove dead code
      ussd_proxy: add -l parameter to set loglevel in sip sofia
      ussd_proxy: fix reject after resultLast
      libmsc: use message type as an entry point and handle release complete message
      ussd_proxy: add debug output when session is destroyed
      ussd: send reject to sup
      ussd_proxy: handle reject from sup and send BYE to sip
      libmsc: fix no return and use after free
      libmsc: set proper length field in ASN.1 format for USSD internals
      ussd: handle UCS-2 coding
      ussd_proxy: add -7 option to force latin1 convertion to gsm 7-bit
      ussd_proxy: add -x proxy option
      ussd_proxy: add content-type sip tag in bye for 3rd party software workaround
      recovery latin1 USSD message, probably bad rebase
      add forgotten file
      various bugs in ss reply
      emulation for SS
      send actual message in facility op (not initial)
      fixup after rebase
      fix incorrect autorebase

Sergey.Kostanbaev (6):
      manual merge SS from sup-ussd-on-master-ss-wip
      add forgotten files
      add generation of src/ussd-proxy/Makefile
      set transaction_id from transaction data
      add test for registerSS
      ussd_proxy: fix decoding GSM7 to latin1

Vadim Yanitskiy (3):
      move to hex TMSI representation
      db.c: implemented incremental migration
      mncc_sock: use osmo_sock_unix_init() from libosmocore

bhargava (1):
      Modify SI 13 field to support 11 bit RACH

root (1):
      om2000: Add support for querying RBS capabilities


The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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