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The branch, pmaier/rbs2000 has been updated
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This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.  That is
to say, the old revision is not a strict subset of the new revision.  This
situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (a76eb6be7fb53e451c17330067d01bd570230f67)
             N -- N -- N (baeb7cbab9bed5aa89e37a8a92409d0392d8033d)

When this happens we assume that you've already had alert emails for all
of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
branch from the common base, B.

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not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit baeb7cbab9bed5aa89e37a8a92409d0392d8033d
Author: Philipp Maier <pmaier at>
Date:   Thu Feb 2 18:14:40 2017 +0100

    Revert "Revert "gsm0408: add chreq_type for CHREQ_T_PDCH_ONE_PHASE and CHREQ_T_PDCH_TWO_PHASE""
    This reverts commit 909cbecbb9d3223b3b372849564600bb9be7fbda.

commit 52bff4c4bd999f27c5fee7be991d886fce3c84b6
Author: Philipp Maier <pmaier at>
Date:   Wed Feb 1 12:00:45 2017 +0100

    lapd_core: Fix MDL-ERROR ind after RELEASE ind
    in lapd_t200_cb() The RELEASE INDICATION is transmitted before
    from being sent because the RELASE INDICATION close to connection
    eraly. This commit puts the messages into the correct order.
    Change-Id: Iae74777138fc27828f511e3aa321d1981861f4a5

commit dde21bc11a1071d12f154c1ff121f0998eabf113
Author: Philipp Maier <pmaier at>
Date:   Thu Dec 8 10:45:06 2016 +0100

    lapd_core: fix program flow
    when the lapd core is in state LAPD_STATE_SABM_SENT, and the
    retransmission counter exceeds (link down) lapd_t200_cb() will
    This action is done before the state is processed. This seems
    to be no problem with standard retransmission counts (n200),
    but may cause timing problems that lead to deadlock states when
    custom timer configurations are in use. (Ericsson RBS).
    This commit moves the functions calls for sending the indications
    mentioned above to the very end of the if branch to relax the
    timing again. (See lapd_t200_cb())
    Change-Id: I1c1beb3701b19744a3ce9946abca7767d20a0b6a

commit 806ed56cb80721a03d48633ededd29063f767d70
Author: Philipp Maier <pmaier at>
Date:   Fri Dec 9 14:07:18 2016 +0100

    select: add functionality to check socket state
    osmo_fd_register() is used to register socket file descriptors,
    after registering a socket, there is no way to test if the socket
    is still registered or actually registered at all.
    This commit adds a new function osmo_fd_register_check() that can
    be used to check in advance, if the socket fd is registered,
    before performing further operations.
    Change-Id: I48ec7098d6bba586c81bf0d5c9088108e2c081c6

commit dfec9d96c0cf4aa16523baa01955af669cbfb7d8
Author: Philipp Maier <pmaier at>
Date:   Thu Dec 8 17:23:26 2016 +0100

    lapd_core: Improve debug output
    The debug output of lapd core has no references to the dl objects,
    since we have multiple links, seeing which action is for which
    object is impossible. This commit adds pointer references (dl=%p)
    to each log line.
    Change-Id: I3024d1cbd58631e2abac4ce5822528e2e6e15fda


Summary of changes:
 TODO-RELEASE                             | 3 +++
 doc/osmocom-authn-protocol.txt           | 2 +-
 include/osmocom/gsm/oap.h                | 2 +-
 include/osmocom/gsm/protocol/gsm_04_08.h | 4 ++++
 src/gsm/gsup.c                           | 2 +-
 tests/oap/oap_test.c                     | 4 ++--
 tests/oap/oap_test.ok                    | 2 +-
 utils/osmo-auc-gen.c                     | 2 +-
 8 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

An utility library for Open Source Mobile Communications

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