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commit 2b02f8ec27a15302f744bee4a3a0502233ff5e2e
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Thu Aug 31 17:49:36 2017 +0700

    Add the symbol export map for libosmogapk

commit f5d00d8516ba589ab4bf289f04e8685031bf5031
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Thu Aug 31 17:22:56 2017 +0700

    Add an 'osmo_gapk' prefix to the exposed symbols
    To avoid a naming conflict between libosmogapk and other projects
    during linkage, all the exposed symbols should have an unique
    prefix. Let's use 'osmo_gapk' for that.

commit aad0a4d3cb62da0714f7bd895dd637e34f067a09
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Thu Aug 31 02:31:18 2017 +0700

    procqueue: expose the processing queue struct definition
    To be able to use processing queues from outside, the pq struct
    should be shared in the corresponding header file.

commit 67478b31790a5bde09e98247539df28e416fa875
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Thu Aug 31 01:41:26 2017 +0700

    Add a pkg-config manifest for libosmogapk
    In order to make pkg-config 'see' the libosmogapk, a corresponding
    package description is required. For more details, see:

commit 7aaf2a49b44af4fba743486a30110d292836b3b8
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Thu Aug 31 01:20:18 2017 +0700

    Use '#pragma once' instead of include guard
    The most compilers today do support the '#pragma once', which is
    designed to cause the current source file to be included only once
    in a single compilation. One has several advantages, including:
    less code, avoidance of name clashes, and sometimes improvement
    in compilation speed.
    See: for details.

commit ce3aa9eec21eeb4b68caa31aac1a8936e33302bb
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Wed Aug 30 20:26:02 2017 +0700

    Install GAPK headers to '${includedir}/osmocom/gapk/'
    To be able to use the library, external applications need to know,
    which symbols are exposed. This information is provided by header
    files, which are being installed to a system's ${includedir}
    since this change.

commit fe5c7d915ce3b7c5a913694d8e6305e43ab4c16e
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Wed Aug 30 19:35:51 2017 +0700

    Add an 'osmo' prefix to the 'gapk' binary
    This is a common practice of all Osmocom executables
    to have an 'osmo' prefix. Let's follow this here too.

commit f93b65356dc6d33e8e4611d0a0acb587a1439909
Author: Vadim Yanitskiy <axilirator at>
Date:   Wed Aug 30 19:03:49 2017 +0700

    Introduce a shared 'libosmogapk' library
    The previous GAPK implementation was represented as a single
    executable. So, all audio transcoding operations were available
    only by calling the 'gapk' binary. This approach didn't allow
    external applications to benefit from using GAPK API directly.
    Since there are some projects (such as GR-GSM and OsmocomBB),
    which are potential users of GAPK code base, it would be better
    to have all transcoding functions within a shared library.
    So, this change separates the common code into a shared library,
    named 'libosmogapk', and links the 'gapk' binary against one.
    Currently there are no shared headers, pkg-config manifest and
    the export map, but they will be done latter.


GSM Audio Pocket Knife

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