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  replaces  0.3.2
 tagged by  Max
        on  Fri Aug 25 16:13:01 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release v0.4.0 on 2017-08-25.


Alexander Couzens (2):
      e1_input: remove superflous semi colon
      add basic unixsocket support

Alexander Huemer (1):
      export lapd_tei_alloc(), used in libosmo-netif

Arran Cudbard-Bell (1):
      e1_input.h: add missing extern for value string arrays

Harald Welte (26):
      ipa_server_conn: Add remote (peer) address to struct
      ipa_server_conn: Add server-side CCM handling
      ipa_bts_id_resp(): handle non-existing members of ipacces_unit
      Add osmo_pcap_lapd_set_fd() function
      lapd_pcap: Correctly set the pseudo-header packet type
      e1_input: Use osmo_pcap_lapd if using software LAPD
      remove non-existant e1inp_update_ts() from e1_input.h
      e1_input: Add E1 timeslot number to input_signal_data
      Convert e1inp_{sign,ts}type_name() to use struct value_string
      Implement new 'raw' input type for E1 timeslots
      Add HDLC timeslot mode
      Fix metadata corruption
      lapd_pcap.h: Add missing #include lines
      input/ipaccess.c: Check return value of osmo_fd_register()
      osmo_rtp_socket_fdreg(): Check return value of osmo_fd_register()
      fix signed/unsigned bug in ipa_client_conn_open()
      call strerror() not on negative value
      don't pass negative error to strerror()
      Add README file to libosmo-abis repository Use <> around all hyperlinks to render them as links in cgit
      Fix HAVE_ORTP_LOG_DOMAIN detection on FreeBSD
      ipacces.c: Remove ipa_bts_id_resp() and use libosmocore
      Add value_string for input signal names (e1inp_signal_names)
      Revert "ipacces.c: Remove ipa_bts_id_resp() and use libosmocore" Proper error message if local environment isn't set up
      check for missing result of rate_ctr_group_alloc()

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (4):
      jenkins: Add the build script from jenkins here
      distcheck: Include the .version file in the package
      debian: Make upgrading from debian SID easier
      misc: Fix build failure/warning when building on alpine linux

Jean-Francois Dionne (1):
      Fix RTP jitter buffer that never stop to increase.

Max (22):
      Do not send RTP to port 0
      Fix RTCP port allocation
      Set connected mode after setting remote address
      Extend RTP frame sending API
      Add defines for FN to SAMPLE conversion
      Fix macro definitions
      Change API to convey marker bit
      Use callback for polling data
      Bump minimum oRTP version
      Extend RTP RX callback parameters
      Unify RTP receiving
      osmo_rtp_socket_poll(): Fix log message to match function name
      Expand network error callback
      Remove obsolete compile-time conditional
      Enable adaptive jitter compensation
      Integrate Debian packaging changes
      Add gerrit settings
      ipaccess_line_update(): log connection IP addresses and ports
      handle_ts1_read(): log sign_link() error
      Enable sanitize
      Use release helper from libosmocore
      Bump version: 0.3.2 → 0.4.0

Neels Hofmeyr (12):
      ipa driver: make bind address vty configurable
      gitignore: platform-libtool
      osmo_ortp.c: fix order of set_connected_mode and set_remote_addr
      build: be robust against install-sh files above the root dir
      configure: check for pkg-config presence
      Really fix order of set_connected_mode and set_remote_addr cosmetic: export instead of inlining PATH env use, print separator call on check failure
      undup: subchan_demux.c: use libosmocore's llist_count()
      jenkins: add value_string termination check
      Revert " Use -Werror in C(PP)FLAGS"

Pablo Neira Ayuso (1):
      src: use osmo_timer_setup()

Pau Espin Pedrol (10):
      configure: Fix compilation with new libortp
      osmo_ortp.c: Fix warning: implicit use of function
      osmo_ortp.c: Fix warning: check ortp API in rtp_session_signal_connect Use -Wall in C(PP)FLAGS Use -Werror in C(PP)FLAGS
      osmo_ortp: Add osmo_rtp_drop_frame API
      osmo_ortp.c: Duration of a RTP frame affects timestamp of the next one Fix C(PP)FLAGS for BSD build Fix RTP_SIGNAL_PTR_CAST config in FreeBSD build
      contrib: Enable -Werror by default

Philipp (1):
      lapd: adding support for ericsson's lapd dialect

Philipp Maier (2):
      lapd: Reduce N200 (SABM retransmission count)
      lapd: log pointer addresses

Yves Godin (1):
      Resync RTP session in case of timestamp jump


Osmocom A-bis protcol interface library

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