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commit f710c89c439c8f5912f49444f55714c31f50ed33
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Mon Nov 21 01:33:22 2016 +0100

    pcu_sock: Send non-NULL hLayer1 to PCU
    The BSC-located PCU case looks to the PCU like a BTS-located PCU with
    "direct PHY" access, i.e. the data related primitives are communicated
    from the PCU directly towards the TRAU Frames or whatever transport
    method is used between CCU and PCU.
    In order to make the PCU believe that, we need to pass in a 'layer 1
    handle'.  As we don't use it, we can just pass any non-zero value and be
    Change-Id: I8170bd4134904702b6b272e496100361ba473cbc

commit 84249281c43745a16046d27c8bca92ab2e0f0960
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 20:54:47 2016 +0100

    pcu_sock: Forward paging request from PCU via RSL to BTS
    Change-Id: I28bf0995699618f3f5fa15fc8e1733beddfc482f

commit 1992b439e7f5ddec504e385111100690573c0da8
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 20:54:04 2016 +0100

    RBS2000 RSL: Support for sending RSL PAGING CMD for GPRS
    Change-Id: I66541f9b20e7fd67fbec329283fc3c821c970a56

commit bdb22ef7c0ab3f83c2dd3b406c6e4edd66bd1dda
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 19:17:21 2016 +0100

    pcu_if: remove function to transmit RTS request
    The BSC will never be in charge of sending RTS requests to the PCU.
    Change-Id: I3473f47eaa686375a39e3e49cfdfadf1f238106f

commit 3b090abf45451c7378bd1b053851070e8217411f
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 18:39:36 2016 +0100

    pcu_sock: get rid of magic numbers and use ARRAY_SIZE() for array iteration
    Change-Id: I602b581fab67b3a1c3c03c73a3a99e9afd564e29

commit 0a1571e462ad6de0a658b90f3693b935c411effe
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 18:10:10 2016 +0100

    pcu_sock: Don't re-implement core functionality like gsm_bts_trx_num()
    Change-Id: I5ea506c8240dac124ccf5522d02ba18e4f0cb90d

commit 7830c0592e259416f6e00b584e6cc775218ce48c
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 18:09:16 2016 +0100

    pcu_if: make pcu_connected() private
    Code like RSL shoudln't have to worry about whether a PCU is connected
    or not.  Hide this behind the API.
    Change-Id: I9583d2e9b2742516a7e7ca28b045402018ee3a31

commit c2abdbb2be97f3586ad4a16e047bf28c8c03ffd5
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 16:40:17 2016 +0100

    HACK: re-activate dynamic PDCH after activation failure
    Change-Id: Iaa6ace3da2439610e12804bdd1b3186c1d269be6

commit be86e3cbe4f45e26093d669979f3b3d8b07ba82c
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Thu Nov 17 15:51:22 2016 +0100

    WIP: PCU interface integration into BSC
    This still has plenty of details to be ironed out.
    Change-Id: I44c8d84e5fb240af605483312dd5d1f86adbf758

commit 7138ba5b08e0e4cd101d7f0ccc8686f532521f52
Author: Philipp <pmaier at>
Date:   Wed Oct 26 15:19:41 2016 +0200

    pcu_if: original pcu sock interface from osmo-bts
    The pcu interface required to support bsc co-located
    pcu uses pcu_sock.c and its related header files as
    a starting point.
    See also:
    osmo-bts.git: ced9a5d0e2c7e3371760f1c07df7b41cfe7ab71d
    Change-Id: I46b0a65f1633c40053d43b57b786b042f20f12bd

commit 9b6171df7f2d2f50851da140e21b9e37e3012f1b
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Wed Nov 16 15:17:22 2016 +0100

    RBS2000: Add the P-GSL Timer IE to RSL CHAN ACT for PDCH
    This seems to be mandatory when an Ericsson RBS2000 uses a SuperChannel
    as back-haul.
    Change-Id: I793e7d62df1ca9f9c38d39e22d3868064d446c8d

commit d4ee48ee6072e7f0ad4799f1a6ef6107d30f314a
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Tue Nov 15 22:59:24 2016 +0100

    OM2000: Send ALTCRQ for SuperChannel after receiving IS Enable Req Ack
    When the BTS is configured to use a SuperChannel and it is using a
    unix domain socket based transport towards the L2TP daemon, then
    we must instruct the L2TP daemon to instruct the SIU to change the Abis
    Lower Transport Mode using the ALTCRQ / ALTCRP L2TP signalling.
    Change-Id: I672bfaa09c42fbeb0c8459f24b2222b952de954b

commit c8dd9081c156d0774cc5b18f0dedb9ad166d4208
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Tue Nov 15 23:00:29 2016 +0100

    OM2000: Change the order of MO initialization
    So far: CF-IS-CON-TF
    Now: CF-TF-CON-IS
    Change-Id: I8efd9bafdcf9504d2e5fc85c44c708fa53f4dff8

commit b52581334ee2d92e58221bd623a79faf98b37bd5
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Tue Nov 15 22:58:49 2016 +0100

    OM2000: Add FIXME comments for missing resolving of RX/TX MO!
    Change-Id: I45708df724c5fc3316eca6bd2ac2c0738b19a45b

commit a543a3fdbe93635b50ee99ff26830e8a1fc219eb
Author: Harald Welte <laforge at>
Date:   Tue Nov 15 21:18:35 2016 +0100

    HACK: Don't require TRX numbers to start at 0
    Change-Id: I6c5fcb06bdbe0377e2ebc46ecd73d11e834a6d99

commit bac36f29b47d3fa1b57f643e91a62e0e9c27d6c3
Author: Alexander Couzens <lynxis at>
Date:   Tue Nov 1 23:39:03 2016 +0100

    unixsocket: include UNIXSOCKET into sabm
    Change-Id: If98c037119142cc33b46ab5c1bf02d4cda81c81e


The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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