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The branch, users/neels/dyn_pdch has been updated
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situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (beacd8a00e6257c0c6bf18a031d32c0cf946fabd)
             N -- N -- N (a6c1c652e5f9cd7f2e456af39a54b8fafdc5b344)

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of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit a6c1c652e5f9cd7f2e456af39a54b8fafdc5b344
Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
Date:   Fri Oct 11 13:32:30 2013 +0200

    dyn PDCH: Automatically deactivate/activate PDCH on TCH/F+PDCH channel
    Handle shared TCH/F+PDCH channels as regular TCH/F channels. Prior to
    activation, deactivate PDCH mode.
    After deactivation, restore PDCH mode.
    Change-Id: Ided47641eebfdb815592b307bf38b5fb36663be5

commit 081d3e81b671ce5f1b1b16e213d079cd0d69fcc8
Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
Date:   Fri Oct 11 13:33:59 2013 +0200

    dyn PDCH: add do_pdch_defrag() in new pdch_defrag.[hc]
    Will be used in the subsequent commit.
    Original patch by jolly (1c8a3d828612a6bea343a268072a7dddf4a22480),
    with extensive review and changes by nhofmeyr:
    * remove code dup: common find_lchan() replaces find_shared_forward() and
      find_shared_reverse() and simplifies invocation.
    * use LOGTSP() instead of debug_bts_trx_ts(),
      tweak debug logging (missing \n, in-code line breaking).
    * reword comment for do_pdch_defrag().
    * remove code dup: calculate move direction by maths instead of 4 conditionals,
      and have only a single debug log for "does not lower fragmentation".
    * add two FIXME comments.
    Change-Id: Idcaf7ac40cbaf83593946cfe24a6a18a6a688fd5
    Patch-by: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
    Tweaked-by: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>

commit 7697e85588cefd19122486eed27083db25bc53a1
Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
Date:   Tue Jun 4 16:31:18 2013 +0200

    add DHODEC debug category, tweak DHO name
    Change-Id: If19caca84327ac0267a7e1f0efc84a614b154486

commit 2c705bd3b930dad04cd34bb7a5e8f05f60ac61f3
Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
Date:   Fri Oct 11 13:05:16 2013 +0200

    dyn PDCH: Fix TCH/F+PDCH allocation and direction of chan_alloc()
    Always allow TCH/F+PDCH allocation, even if the current PDCH mode is not TCH/F.
    (This is required to allocate a TCH/F channel with active PDCH, that needs to
    be deactivated later.)
    Fix the reverse search of a free slot ("channel allocator ascending").
    Change-Id: Id38386c1e6e201d7e9b1dfeae732641486d28a77

commit 4a5be223dfc6c3b08bc29396212d247318b25a2e
Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly at>
Date:   Fri Oct 11 13:01:38 2013 +0200

    dyn PDCH: Add new_lchan argument to bsc_handover_start()
    This is useful if the caller already allocated a new lchan, which will be used
    to dynamically re-assign lchans.
    The old behavior is maintained by passing NULL.
    Change-Id: I2b7151f32f0c04c22f294eb5dd3c7d7dfddf35e7

commit fca53245928f85e4c5f00127d245f94590d77092
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at>
Date:   Mon May 23 17:56:57 2016 +0200

    comment tweak for bsc_handover_start()
    Have a comment only in the .c file to remove dup, tweak wording.
    Change-Id: I6d19e2b5a794f8b5d8fb71791719447362c5ce85


Summary of changes:
 openbsc/include/openbsc/handover.h  |  3 ---
 openbsc/src/libbsc/handover_logic.c |  9 ++++++---
 openbsc/src/libbsc/pdch_defrag.c    | 35 +++++++++++++----------------------
 3 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)

The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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